Friday, January 17, 2014

Favorite Quote Friday #117

Happy Friday!  I hope you've had a good week.  2014 has gotten off to a weird, hectic start for me.  I haven't had hardly any time online lately and am now trying to play catch-up.

I'm very happy to say Darkness Rises was chosen as one of Kari's Top 10 of 2013 over at From the TBR Pile!  She gave it a great review when it was released in October.  Here's a snippet:

"I'll start out by saying, this series just keeps getting better and better.  I know I say this every time, but I am so sad when I finish one of these books.  They just don't come out fast enough . . ."

You can read the rest of the review HERE.  

Also, Étienne from Darkness Rises made Carmel of Rabid Reads' Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2013 list!  She, too, gave it a wonderful review in October:

"It’s been a while since I’ve read a book in one sitting but as soon as I opened Darkness Rises there was just no stopping!"

You can read the rest of the review HERE.

I'm also working on updating my website.  If you visit it, you'll find excerpts, trailers, character interviews (in the free stuff section), contests, the latest news, a brief Immortal Guardians handbook, and more.  If there's something you're interested in seeing on the site that isn't there, I'm open to suggestions.  :-)

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Bastien has been on my mind a lot this week, so I thought I would choose a quote from his book, Phantom Shadows (Immortal Guardians Book 3), for today's selection.  This scene takes place early in the novel and features Bastien and Dr. Melanie Lipton, the heroine:

“How do you feel?” she asked.  

“Like someone dropped an anvil on my head.”

Pretty brow furrowed, she touched his wrist to gauge his pulse and glanced over at the clock on the wall.

Her emotions flowed into him, courtesy of the gift with which Bastien had been born.   So much concern.  He wasn’t worth it.  But he devoured the sweetness of it like a piece of German chocolate pie after a long, long fast.

Relief replaced some of her concern.  “Your pulse is strong.”

And running faster than usual thanks to her nearness and her gentle touch.

I really like the role Bastien plays in Night Unbound and hope you will too.  :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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