Friday, January 10, 2014

Favorite Quote Friday #116

Happy Friday!  For the students and teachers out there who have been enjoying a winter break, I hope you've had a nice vacation!  I'm guessing the skiers certainly have.  :-)

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  I thought I'd give you another excerpt of Darkness Rises, Immortal Guardians Book 4, today.  For those who are hearing of it for the first time, mortal Krysta Linz has dedicated her life to killing every blood-sucking vampire she can find.  Immortal Guardian Étienne d'Alençon has always admired strong women.  So, when he sees Krysta take on four vampires by herself, he decides he simply must convince her that not everyone with fangs and glowing eyes is the enemy.

In this scene, Étienne takes Krysta and her brother Sean to meet the rest of the local Immortal Guardians family for the first time:

[Darnell] reached behind him and pulled a handheld metal detector from his back pocket.

Étienne sighed.  “I apologize for this.”

Krysta did not look pleased.  “So you expect me to trust you, even though you clearly don’t trust me?

“I trust you,” Étienne assured her.  He really did.  

“If Étienne weren’t attracted to you, the rest of us would, too,” Darnell said, earning Étienne’s wrath.  “But smitten immortals have trusted the wrong humans often enough in the past to make us wary under such circumstances.”

A frown creasing her brow, she held out her arms.  “Smitten, huh?”

Étienne didn’t deny it.  

Sean eyed the two with disapproval.

Darnell passed the wand over Krysta’s head and chest, then down one arm.  It beeped.

Pursing her lips, Krysta rolled back the sleeve of the black shirt she had borrowed from Lisette and revealed a small sheathed dagger she had strapped to her wrist.  

Darnell moved on to the other arm without removing the weapon.  Another beep.  A dagger graced her other wrist as well.  Two more beeps revealed more tucked into the waist of her pants.

Étienne raised a brow.

“Well,” she declared defensively, “what did you expect?  Total trust?  I haven’t known you for that long and am going on faith that you all are what you say you are and aren’t vampires.”

Good thing Étienne loves strong women.  ;-)

Have a great weekend!


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