Friday, August 19, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday #118—Rendezvous With Yesterday

Happy Friday!  We've had day after day of rain here, accompanied by wonderfully cooler temperatures and deep rumbling thunder.  You know how I love to work on stormy days.  :-)  We haven't experienced any flooding.  But I know others have not fared as well.  So I hope everyone out there is staying safe.

Rendezvous With Yesterday has passed the 1,000 pre-orders mark.  Woohoo!!  So it's time to announce another winner in my Rendezvous With Yesterday Pre-Order Contest.  Winner #2 is:
Thao Nguyen
Congratulations!!  You've won a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

For those of you who haven't heard, I've launched a contest to thank readers who pre-order Rendezvous With Yesterday, which will release on October 17th.  Now that I've gone indie, I have access to pre-order numbers.  So every time another 500 pre-orders roll in, I'll give away a prize to a randomly selected winner.  Prizes include Amazon Gift Cards, signed books and swag, tote bags, coffee mugs, and more.  To enter, just fill out this Entry From.

A writer friend brought to my attention that A Sorceress of His Own, my first indie release and the first book in my new series The Gifted Ones, can now be purchased in trade paperback at  :-)  My other paperbacks and some of the audiobooks are available there, too.

A #1 Amazon Bestseller
Special Pre-Order Discounted eBook Price — $4.99
(Regular $5.99)
Kindle  Nook  Kobo  Amazon UK  Amazon Canada

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Only a little over two months to go until the release of Rendezvous With Yesterday.  Yay!!  So I thought I would give you another quote from it that features Robert and Bethany, the hero and heroine.
He leaned forward, hesitated when only an inch separated their lips.  Those mesmerizing eyes of his were dark and stormy with desire.  His nose brushed hers as their gazes met and held.  Anticipation rose.  A half-inch closer.  Mouths still not meeting.  Tempting without touching.  Teasing with the knowledge of what would come, what she would feel, until she could bear it no longer and moved the last fraction of an inch closer, pressing her lips to his and surrendering with a moan.
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Friday, August 12, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday #117—Rendezvous With Yesterday

Happy Friday!  What a fantastic week it's been!  Thanks to all of you who have been pre-ordering Rendezvous With Yesterday (The Gifted Ones Book 2), it has hit #1 and #2 on several Amazon Bestseller Lists!!

It has also hit #1, #2, or #3 on several Hot New Release lists.  Woohoo!!  You are the best!!  Thank you so much!  You've been so supportive of my leap from traditional publishing to self-publishing, and of my launching a new series.  I hope you know how much that means to me.

I know you've probably heard me say this before, but pre-orders are very important to authors.   And now that I've gone indie, I have access to pre-order numbers.  So to thank readers who pre-order Robert and Bethany's story, I've launched a big RENDEZVOUS WITH YESTERDAY PRE-ORDER CONTEST.

Every time 500 new pre-orders roll in, I'm going to give a prize away to a randomly selected winner.  Prizes will include Amazon Gift Cards, signed books and swag, tote bags, coffee mugs, keychain flashlights, and more.  The more pre-orders there are, the bigger the prize will be.  :-)  To enter, just fill out this form:

The contest is open internationally, except where prohibited by law.  If I run into any difficulty sending a gift card to an international winner, I reserve the right to substitute another prize.  

500 of you have already pre-ordered.  So the first contest winner is . . .

Jacqueline Seidl

Congratulations!!  You've won a signed copy of A Sorceress of His Own + an Immortal Guardians and The Gifted Ones swag pack.  

This week, an overwhelming majority of the questions I've received have been about Rendezvous With Yesterday:  

Will Rendezvous With Yesterday be available on Audible?

Yes, it will.  The audiobook will be narrated by Kirsten Potter and will release the same day as the eBook and paperback.  But it usually takes longer for it to show up on Audible.  I'll post a link as soon as I see it go up for pre-order.

Will Rendezvous With Yesterday be available on iBooks?

Yes.  But I can't make it available for pre-order there until my formatter has properly formatted it for me.  I'll post a link as soon as it goes up for pre-order there.

Will rendezvous With Yesterday be available on Nook?

Yes, it will.  Here's a link: Rendezvous With Yesterday — Nook

Special Pre-Order Discounted eBook Price — $4.99
(Regular $5.99)
Kindle  Nook  Kobo  Amazon UK  Amazon Canada

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  I thought today I would give you a quote from Rendezvous With Yesterday that would appeal to fans of both The Gifted Ones series and my Immortal Guardians series.  It features Robert and Bethany (the hero and heroine) and Seth:
Beth contemplated him curiously.  “Who exactly are you, Seth?  Or perhaps the better question would be:  What exactly are you?” 
He strolled forward.  “I knew your cell battery would die, so I thought I would drop by and offer you a ride.” 
“How did you know the battery would die?” she pounced.  “I just charged it yesterday." 
He arched a brow.  “Shall we go?” 
She looked at Robert.  “He isn’t going to answer me, is he?” 
“Nay, he seems disinclined to do so.” 
“Fine,” she muttered, holstering her weapon.  “But I gotta tell ya,” she groused, “the mystery part of this whole tall, dark, handsome, mystery-man thing you’ve got going can really be annoying sometimes.” 
Seth’s smile widened.  “So I have been told.”
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Friday, August 5, 2016

Cover Reveal and Excerpt—Rendezvous With Yesterday

Happy Friday!  I'm very excited to share with you the cover and blurb of my next release—Rendezvous With Yesterday, The Gifted Ones Book 2.

Coming October 17, 2016
Special Pre-Order eBook Price—$4.99 (USD)
Pre-Order Today!
Modern-day bounty hunter Bethany Bennett helps her brother track two fugitives to a forest outside of Houston, Texas.  But what should have been a routine apprehension of two bail skippers spirals out of control and ends in violence.  After Beth and her brother are both seriously injured, a mysterious figure suddenly looms over her.  And, when the smoke clears, Beth finds herself not only in another place, but in another time. 
As Lord Robert, Earl of Fosterly, attempts to identify and track down the nameless enemy who has been plaguing his lands and people with violence, the most peculiar woman stumbles into his path.  Small, vulnerable, yet possessed of a bold, fiery spirit and wicked sense of humor, she persists in dubbing Robert and his men members of something called a medieval reenactment group . . . until she sees his castle and labels herself mad.  It seems bounty hunter Bethany Bennett has come to him from the future, bringing with her laughter and chaos, swiftly winning the hearts of his people and inspiring within him a love he thought he would never experience again.  But when Robert discovers a way for her to return to her time, will the love they share be enough to keep them together?
I've temporarily discounted the eBook price.  During the Pre-Order period and the first week of Rendezvous With Yesterday's release, you can purchase it for $4.99.  After that, it will return to the regular price of $5.99.  It will be available in iBooks closer to the release date.

Rendezvous With Yesterday will be available in print, but not until the release date—October 17th.  The Rendezvous With Yesterday Audiobook will be narrated by the very talented Kirsten Potter and will release the same day as the eBook and paperback.  It will be available on Audible.  It just hasn't gone up for pre-order there yet.  I'll let you know when it does.  :-)

I'll be celebrating over on My Facebook Page this weekend with an Amazon Gift Card giveaway.  I hope you'll join me.  :-)

Since this is also Favorite Quote Friday, I thought I would give you a sneak peek into the pages of Rendezvous With Yesterday by letting you glimpse Robert and Bethany through the eyes of Robert's brother Dillon (hero of A Sorceress of His Own):

Dillon rose alongside Robert and watched his brother descend the stairs and stroll forward.  

At once, Lady Bethany broke away from the women, skipped toward him and launched herself into his arms.  Bright, tinkling laughter escaped her as Robert spun her around in a tight circle ere he allowed her feet to touch the ground.  Ducking his head, Robert spoke something into her ear that Dillon was too far away to hear.  Lady Bethany laughed and locked her arms around his neck, leaning her body fully into his.

Dillon glanced around to gauge the response of the other occupants of Fosterly’s bailey.  ’Twas a highly improper embrace the unwed couple shared so openly.  Yet most onlookers either smiled indulgently or paid no attention, as though ’twas a common occurrence.

Stunned, he looked back in time to see Lady Bethany reach up, clasp a fistful of hair atop Robert’s head, and playfully rock his head from side to side.  Robert grinned and pressed his forehead to hers.  Her hand drifted down, stroked his cheek as he rubbed noses with her.  Their words grew quieter as he drew her even closer, lifted her onto her toes, then kissed her.  Deeply.  Thoroughly.  One hand drifting down her back and coming dangerously close to her bottom.  Pulling her even tighter against him.

Dillon could practically feel the heat from where he stood as the couple’s passion flared.  

And still those in the bailey paid them no heed.

Dillon looked at Michael, who appeared to be struggling not to laugh at the shock that must be written across his face.

“They tend to forget the rest of us when they are in each other’s presence.”

Dillon could not remember the last time he had been so confounded.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, July 29, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday #115

Happy Friday!  We've had the most wonderful weather here the past couple of days.  Lots of clouds, (you know how much I love cloudy days), thunderstorms, and lower temperatures.  Our afternoon temps were actually in the 70's yesterday.  This time of year, we're usually lucky if the over night low dips into the 70's.  So it was a very nice change.  Since we probably won't see temps like again that for a couple months or more, I managed to sneak in some outdoors time.

I've also been working on Rendezvous With Yesterday edits.  I'm going to read through it one more time, then will send it back to my editor.  Did you know that Marcus and Seth both appear in all of my published novels, both Immortal Guardians and The Gifted Ones?  Those two have been with me for quite a long time, so they will always be particular favorites of mine.  :-)

This month has been so hectic that I believe I forgot to formally announce the winners of my Phantom Embrace Blog Tour Giveaway (all of whom have been contacted):

1st Prize — Jeanna M.
2nd Prize — Irma J.
3rd Prize — Bridgett W.

Congratulations!!  And thank you again, everyone who joined me on the tour!

I thought I would begin answering Frequently Asked Reader Questions periodically in my weekly posts.  I'll start with one I've been asked quite a bit this year.

Question:  Will you be making more trailers or videos?

Answer:  Yes.  I still work occasionally on independent film projects.  It's another fun creative outlet for me.  So, naturally, I love being able to work on my own projects.  I don't know yet if I'll be able to make a trailer for Rendezvous With Yesterday.  Even small productions like trailers can be time-consuming, because I approach them like a feature film, casting professional actors, hiring a director and crew, etc.  And time has been in very short supply this year.  But I've been tossing some ideas around with an indie filmmaker colleague of mine.  So, we'll see.  :-)

If you aren't familiar with my trailers and videos, you can find them on My YouTube Channel.  Here is my most recent video, a trailer for A Sorceress of His Own, The Gifted Ones Book 1:

A USA Today Bestseller
Amazon  Audible  iBooks  Kobo  Nook
It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  My medieval crew from The Gifted Ones series have been major players in my thoughts this week.  So today I'll share a brief excerpt of A Sorceress of His Own, Book 1, with you:

Freeing her hand from her robe, Alyssa placed it on Michael’s nose, closed her eyes, and concentrated on mending the breaks.  Heat raced through her body, down to her arm, then to his nose.  Soon her own began to ache.  Bone shifted position beneath her fingertips, weaving itself back together.  Something warm began to tickle her upper lip.


Startled by Dillon’s abrupt command, she jumped and released Michael, whose eyes remained steadfastly screwed shut.  Her gaze flew to Dillon.

Jaw clenched, he leaned forward around Michael and drew his finger across the skin beneath her nose.  It came away wet with her blood.  “No more,” he ordered in a tone that brooked no argument.

Alerted to his distress by his touch, she nodded and raised her cowl.  

Dillon moved to stand beside her.  “You may open your eyes, Michael.”

Complying, Michael raised a hand to his nose and explored it experimentally.  It was straight once more, no longer bleeding.  The throbbing and much of the swelling had vanished as well.  “My thanks, Healer.”

She nodded.

“Return to the village and aid in the repairs,” Dillon bid him curtly.

“Aye, my lord.”  Standing, Michael bowed respectfully.  He froze for a moment as he started to turn away.  Alyssa saw his gaze go to Dillon’s fingers, still painted with her blood, then fly to her.

In the next instant, he was gone.

Dillon kicked the door shut, then returned to her side and lowered her cowl.  Picking up one of the clean cloths she had set aside to use as a bandage, he grasped her chin and tenderly dabbed her nose with it, wiping away the blood.  “I like this not, Alyssa,” he told her.

“I know.”  Her body had already begun to heal itself.  The bleeding ceased even as he watched.  “’Twould not have affected me at all,” she assured him with a smile, “were I not weary from healing so many other paltry wounds before it.”

Dillon dropped the cloth with a groan and pulled her to him, locking his arms around her as he rested his cheek upon her hair.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, July 22, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday #114

Happy Friday!  I have good news to share.  My editor got back to me on Rendezvous With Yesterday, The Gifted Ones Book 2, and . . . she really liked it!  Woohoo!!  She said the characters have amazing chemistry and the fast pace will keep readers turning pages.  Awesome!  I'll be working on edits this weekend, so I'll be having fun with Robert and Bethany.  I've been compiling quite a lengthy list of favorite quotes and excerpts from it for you.  These two are a really fun couple.  :-)

A USA Today Bestseller
Amazon  Audible  iBooks  Kobo  Nook

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Since Robert, Bethany, Dillon, and Alyssa will be entertaining me this weekend, I thought I would give you a quote from A Sorceress of His Own that features Dillon and Alyssa:  

They had dressed silently at dawn, each trapped in his or her own thoughts.  Before calling Gideon in to dress him in Simon’s armor, Dillon had repeated what Alyssa now thought of as his ritual.  Helping her don her robe, he had gazed down at her for many long minutes before dipping his head to steal a quick, hard kiss.  Then, his resentment clear, he had drawn the hood up to hide her features.  But he had embraced her, too, clutching her so tightly she had thought she might break, his fear still for her rather than for himself.
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday #113

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  I've been working on something very exciting that I'll share with you soon.  I can't wait!  I also handed Rendezvous With Yesterday, The Gifted Ones Book 2, over to my editor.  Woohoo!!  The manuscript came in long, as usual, so I expect I'll have some cutting to do.  But, it's always such a good feeling to finish writing and editing the manuscript myself and move forward with the next step. :-)

A USA Today Bestseller

A Sorceress of His Own, the first book in The Gifted Ones series, has received some great reviews on Amazon this week.  Thank you, Jeanie Welge, Manda, and Debra Allen!  I'm so glad you enjoyed Dillon and Alyssa's story, and I appreciate so much your taking time to write a review!

"One of the best romance novels I've ever read.  I even actually reread it on occasion. It's well written and the plot is just as captivating as the romance."
— Jeanie Welge

"This book was wonderful! Strong, intelligent main characters, a bit of sorcery, romance, adventure, all put together so nicely it leaves you begging for more! If you're in a "book drought", this one will restore your faith in authors! She makes you feel the world instead of simply telling you about it. Kudos! I'll be looking into more of her work!"
— Manda

"I loved this book from the beginning to the end. I always loved healers so I loved Alyssa and Dillon together. It was a powerful, breath taking passionate, mesmerizing story. It captivates you from the beginning to the end. You won't want it to end. I hope there will be many more like this one. I highly recommend this book and give it 10 stars."
— Debra Allen

A USA Today Bestseller
Kindle  Nook  iTunes  Kobo
(Previously published in the On the Hunt anthology)
Only $1.99
“Duvall's hauntingly beautiful novella, set in the world of the Immortal Guardians, portrays the deep love between two people who can never touch, with a wonderfully unexpected ending.”
—Publishers Weekly
It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Thank you again for making Phantom Embrace a USA Today Bestseller!  If you missed the news, this is the first time Yuri and Cat's novella (previously published in the On the Hunt anthology) has been released as a solo novella.  :-)  And thank you for celebrating its release with me!  You always make book releases so much fun.  

I thought I would give you another quote from it today that features the hero and heroine.  
Yuri found a love seat on the fringes of the room and claimed it for his own, his heart thumping madly as it always did when Cat seated herself beside him. 
“Did your hunt go well?” she asked. 
He nodded. Those delightful little tingles shot up his arm where it brushed hers, and he wished for the millionth time that they could truly touch. That he could hold her in his arms and feel her slight weight against him.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, July 8, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday #112

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  Mine was very busy, very productive, and very exciting.  I finished my last read-through of Rendezvous With Yesterday, The Gifted Ones Book 2.  Yay!  I always consider it a good sign when I get choked up while reading one of my manuscripts, and secretly hope that when you read it, you'll end up crying, too.  LOL.  But don't worry.  The book isn't a tear jerker.  I laughed a lot while reading it, too.  The heroine in this one would fit right in with my Immortal Guardians family.  And you know how those guys like to razz each other.  The ladies get their fair share of teasing in, too.  ;-) 

Guess what!  Phantom Embrace hit the USA Today Bestseller List!  Woohoo!!  When it was originally released in the On the Hunt anthology, I heard from so many readers who enjoyed Yuri and Cat's story and thanked me for giving Yuri a HEA.  I'm glad readers who don't read anthologies now have a chance to pick it up as a solo novella.  :-)

Here are some more reviews that have rolled in:

Kindle  Nook  iTunes  Kobo
(Previously published in the On the Hunt anthology)
Only $1.99
“Duvall's hauntingly beautiful novella, set in the world of the Immortal Guardians, portrays the deep love between two people who can never touch, with a wonderfully unexpected ending.”
—Publishers Weekly
It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  I thought I would give you another quote from Phantom Embrace today.  This scene features Yuri and his best friend, fellow immortal Stanislav, but is told from the heroine's point of view:
Yuri offered him his hand.
Stanislav clasped his arm instead and pulled Yuri into a hug, clapping him on the back.
Yuri grunted as pain flashed across his features.
When Stanislav released him and stepped back, he arched a brow, lips twitching. “That’s for scaring the sh** out of me earlier.”
Yuri huffed a laugh, then grabbed his side again with a grunt. “Don’t make me laugh, damn it. It hurts.”
I'm glad readers had such a strong reaction to these two in Night Unbound. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!