Friday, September 27, 2019

Favorite Quote Friday and a Thank You

Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week. I spent mine writing furiously on my latest manuscript and am really enjoying it. This is a story I've been wanting to tell for years. So I'm very excited about it and about where it's taking me. đŸ˜‰

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Reviews for Death of Darkness continue to roll in. Once more, I want to thank those of you who have taken the time to post one. I appreciate it so much and am always happy to see another reader has enjoyed one my books.

It took me several years to land my first publishing contract. I'm not sure some readers understand all of the elements that have to come together just perfectly for a writer to manage to score a coveted contract. (I'm reminded of one of my characters mentioning the moon and the stars aligning just right...) And while I was writing, querying agents and editors, and tweaking synopses, my goal was always simply to be able to earn a living doing something I genuinely enjoy. (I really do LOVE to write.) I was so focused on that and on not letting the rejection letters dissuade me that I didn't have a chance to think about how amazing it would feel to get my first 5-star review, or my first email from a reader who loved my book, or my first message from someone who was going through a rough time and thanked me for the distraction this or that book provided. And it truly does feel amazing. 

Whether I've had a good day, a bad day, or a super stressful day, popping over to Amazon or Audible and finding a great review posted by someone who enjoyed one of my books makes me feel like I've won the lottery every time. So when I say I appreciate it, I really do mean it. Thank you so much.

Here are some more fabulous reviews Death of Darkness received on Amazon:

I gave this 5 stars because I can't see how to give it 6. … This is one of my favorite series ever and I highly recommend it.
— Honey Reviews

Can't say enough about a book that keeps you interested enough you don't want to stop reading. A book that can make you cry one minute and laugh the next. Exceptional!”
— Lorena McCarroll

This is the best book so far in this series and that is saying something! Run don't walk to get your copy of this fabulous book.”
— diane reinheimer

All I can say is mind blown!! I’ve absolutely loved everything you’ve written but you outdid yourself with Seth.”
— Dawn

I loved this book! Nothing to dislike at all. … Could not put it down!”
— Janice Jones

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Immortal Guardians Book 9
USA Today Bestseller
#1 Audible Paranormal Romance Bestseller
#1 Audible Supernatural Thrillers
#1 Amazon Vampire Thriller
#1 Amazon Vampire Suspense

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Amazon UK  AmazonAU  AmazonCA  AmazonDE • AmazonFR
Narrated by Kirsten Potter

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday! Today I thought I would share a quote from Death of Darkness that features Seth (the hero) and David (his second-in-command):


David waited near the front door, his eyes bright with… mirth?

Seth glanced toward the dining room, surprised to find it empty and the table cleared. “Where is everyone?”

“I sent them away.”

“Let me guess. Zach and Jared were squabbling again.” He looked around. “At least they didn’t break anything this time.” The furniture appeared remarkably unscathed. In fact… “Is it me, or is it neater in here than when I arrived?”

David nodded. “Zach and Roland tidied up a bit.”

Those two? Really? “Why?”

“Someone is coming.”

Seth heard the approach of an automobile but felt no alarm. David wouldn’t be so relaxed if danger lurked outside. “Who is it?” If it was Chris Reordon bringing them bad news, he didn’t want to know, so he refrained from reading the driver’s thoughts.

David’s lips stretched in a smile. “You have a caller.”

Seth stopped short. He must not have heard him right. “What?”

“You have a caller.”

Certain he was still misunderstanding, Seth reached into his back pocket and drew out his cell phone to check messages.

David chuckled. “Not a call. A caller. Leah is here.”

Seth’s heartbeat picked up, something he wished he could hide. “Leah from Little Gifts?”


His heartbeat quickened even more. “Why is she here?” She sure as hell wasn’t there to call on him as David had suggested.

“To see you.

After living for thousands of years, very little surprised Seth. But that completely flabbergasted him.

Looks like we're having some wild weather again here in the United States. I hope those who are facing record snowfalls will stay warm and those battling record high temperatures will stay cool.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. That is one of my favorite scenes, too. But to be honest, every page has a favorite scene. So glad you didn't give up on publishing your wonderful books. Death of Darkness is the best!

  2. I love the Immortal Guardians series. I am a Hospice Social Worker and love slipping away in their world. It brings my soul some peace on hard days. Thank you for being an amazing author.

  3. Love your series..totally cant wait for your next one. I am dying to know about Amy's brother and the pregnant gifted one

    1. OMG I am dying to hear about that too I can't wait

  4. Great book the beat one to date lol loads of times good job I was reading alone. Can't wait for the next. Wendy

  5. This book was AWESOME! Just found this group....any idea when the next book is going to be released??!!

  6. Please dont make us wait to long I'm going crazy waiting for next one lol. Even though this one just came out. I cant help it. I loved seth from beginning I love his book.

  7. I just finished listening all the immortal guardian series on audible, loved it from start to finish and loved Kirsten Potter(I'm sorry if I'm writing her name wrong) with her different accents, tones, pauses, it made me feel like I was actually there with all of them, I hated Gersham so much, I cried, I laughed, I almost died on this last one, and I'm so happy Leah and Seth will be together forever, but the way the epilogue ended left me reeling, wanting to know what happens next so... When is the next story coming out???? And what did everybody had to say about the new Leah??? And I'm dying to know, does she have wings as well??? As I said loved, loved, loved it, but I want moreee please����������������