Friday, September 20, 2019

Favorite Quote Friday — Death of Darkness

Hi, all. Tropical Storm Imelda struck unexpectedly this week. Or perhaps it was only unexpected for me. I've been so deep in writing mode that I haven't been watching the news, so I didn't realize Imelda had formed in the Gulf until it hit. My family and I are fine. There were some strong thunderstorms, but we didn't suffer the flooding that others did. I think the original forecast was for 6-18 inches of rain. But Imelda ended up dumping 40 inches in some places. They've been performing water rescues the way they did when Harvey came through two years ago. My heart goes out to all of those whose homes have flooded. I hope my friends are all safe and well. 💖

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I've been getting a lot of messages, emails, and comments on social media, asking me when the next book will release. I don't have an estimate for you and probably won't for a while. I'm still writing it. 😉 But I will tell you I'm very excited about it and am really enjoying it. 

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Immortal Guardians Book 9
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Narrated by Kirsten Potter

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday.Today I thought I would share another quote from Death of Darkness that features the hero and heroine, Seth and Leah. In this scene, the powerful Immortal Guardians' leader is trying to share with Leah all of the ways he's different:


Seth sighed. “I can shape-shift.”

Leah blinked and tried very hard not to gape again. That was definitely a doozy. “Like a werewolf?”

“Yes. But it’s entirely voluntary and has nothing to do with the moon. I can also shift into the shape of any living creature I wish to, not just that of a wolf, though the smaller the creature, the more difficult the task is. And I’m still me,” he hastened to assure her, “when I take an animal’s form. I don’t start thinking like an animal or anything like that.”

She stared at him.


“Yeah. You’re going to have to show me that one.”

He released her hand. “Is there any animal in particular you’d like me to change into?”

She shook her head. “Just… something that won’t make me pee my pants.”

He laughed.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Glad you're safe during this storm Dianne. Happy writing, take your time😉 I'm busy rereading the entire series. Seth I'd love it if you could transform into a unicorn🦄😉