Friday, September 13, 2019

Favorite Quote Friday — Death of Darkness

Happy Friday! I had another busy, but very productive week. I got all the winner packages mailed. I also wrote many pages in my new manuscript. Woohoo!! I'm really liking it and hope you will, too. Thank you again, members of my Books Group, for being so sweet about me spending less time in there lately. You all rock!! And you always make me smile.

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Reviews continue to roll in for Death of Darkness. I know I've been saying this every week since the release, but thank you so much!! I loved writing this book and really wanted you all to enjoy it. Here are some more of the Amazon reviews that have left me grinning big and doing happy dances:

“I loved this book, beyond wonderful… Thank you Dianne for all the laughter, joy and smiles”
— Trisha Ann

“Not enough words to describe how amazing this book is! ... It is truly one of the best books I have read in a very long time.

There are many books I enjoy, but the Immortal Guardians series is one that has truly captured my imagination.”
— Rosanna

“Freaking AWESOME! … I laughed, cried, and almost lost it at the twists and turns. Can’t wait for the next one!”
— Wendy Humbarger

We have been waiting for years for this book and boy does Ms. Duvall deliver!! … prepare yourself there will be a lot of laughs, smiles, wtf and tears.”
— Kelly

The book is perfect! The entire series is phenomenal! … Seth and Leah are the best!”
— LaShumbra

Full of adventure, danger, excitement, romance this story is amazing.”
— LoisA

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Immortal Guardians Book 9
USA Today Bestseller
#1 Audible Paranormal Romance Bestseller
#1 Audible Supernatural Thrillers
#1 Amazon Vampire Thriller
#1 Amazon Vampire Suspense

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Narrated by Kirsten Potter

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!! Today I thought I would share another quote from Death of Darkness that reveals a little of the playful banter between Seth and Leah, the hero and heroine:


Her lips turned up in a smile. “Remember how I said I’m a total workaholic?”

“Yes.” Now her thumb stroked his hand, sending warmth all the way up his arm, through his shoulder, and into his chest.

“Well, I’ve been trying to ease back on that a little lately, but it’s been so long that I have no idea what to do with downtime.”

“I understand completely. David has been insisting I delegate more authority lately and take some time off, but…” He shrugged. “When I’m not working, I always feel like I should be working and find myself at loose ends.”

“Exactly! This is going to sound lame, but… I don’t get out much. And tonight, when the walls started closing in on me, I figured a drive in the country might be nice because I couldn’t think of anything else to do. Then I got here, you opened the door, and I thought: Oh crap, he’s going to think I’m a total stalker.”

“Not at all.” Seth raised their clasped hands and grinned. “I merely assumed you wanted to see my big hands again.”

Laughing, she gave his shoulder a shove. “You’re such a tease!”

His heart lightened. “Admitted without shame.”

“Well, I’ll forgive you,” she quipped, “because you’re letting me hold your hand.” Drawing their clasped hands closer to her face, she cupped her free hand over them and smoothed circles over his as she assumed a comical expression of amazement. “Oooooooh. So big,” she breathed.

Seth laughed.


Have a Wonderfull weekend!