Friday, July 29, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday #115

Happy Friday!  We've had the most wonderful weather here the past couple of days.  Lots of clouds, (you know how much I love cloudy days), thunderstorms, and lower temperatures.  Our afternoon temps were actually in the 70's yesterday.  This time of year, we're usually lucky if the over night low dips into the 70's.  So it was a very nice change.  Since we probably won't see temps like again that for a couple months or more, I managed to sneak in some outdoors time.

I've also been working on Rendezvous With Yesterday edits.  I'm going to read through it one more time, then will send it back to my editor.  Did you know that Marcus and Seth both appear in all of my published novels, both Immortal Guardians and The Gifted Ones?  Those two have been with me for quite a long time, so they will always be particular favorites of mine.  :-)

This month has been so hectic that I believe I forgot to formally announce the winners of my Phantom Embrace Blog Tour Giveaway (all of whom have been contacted):

1st Prize — Jeanna M.
2nd Prize — Irma J.
3rd Prize — Bridgett W.

Congratulations!!  And thank you again, everyone who joined me on the tour!

I thought I would begin answering Frequently Asked Reader Questions periodically in my weekly posts.  I'll start with one I've been asked quite a bit this year.

Question:  Will you be making more trailers or videos?

Answer:  Yes.  I still work occasionally on independent film projects.  It's another fun creative outlet for me.  So, naturally, I love being able to work on my own projects.  I don't know yet if I'll be able to make a trailer for Rendezvous With Yesterday.  Even small productions like trailers can be time-consuming, because I approach them like a feature film, casting professional actors, hiring a director and crew, etc.  And time has been in very short supply this year.  But I've been tossing some ideas around with an indie filmmaker colleague of mine.  So, we'll see.  :-)

If you aren't familiar with my trailers and videos, you can find them on My YouTube Channel.  Here is my most recent video, a trailer for A Sorceress of His Own, The Gifted Ones Book 1:

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  My medieval crew from The Gifted Ones series have been major players in my thoughts this week.  So today I'll share a brief excerpt of A Sorceress of His Own, Book 1, with you:

Freeing her hand from her robe, Alyssa placed it on Michael’s nose, closed her eyes, and concentrated on mending the breaks.  Heat raced through her body, down to her arm, then to his nose.  Soon her own began to ache.  Bone shifted position beneath her fingertips, weaving itself back together.  Something warm began to tickle her upper lip.


Startled by Dillon’s abrupt command, she jumped and released Michael, whose eyes remained steadfastly screwed shut.  Her gaze flew to Dillon.

Jaw clenched, he leaned forward around Michael and drew his finger across the skin beneath her nose.  It came away wet with her blood.  “No more,” he ordered in a tone that brooked no argument.

Alerted to his distress by his touch, she nodded and raised her cowl.  

Dillon moved to stand beside her.  “You may open your eyes, Michael.”

Complying, Michael raised a hand to his nose and explored it experimentally.  It was straight once more, no longer bleeding.  The throbbing and much of the swelling had vanished as well.  “My thanks, Healer.”

She nodded.

“Return to the village and aid in the repairs,” Dillon bid him curtly.

“Aye, my lord.”  Standing, Michael bowed respectfully.  He froze for a moment as he started to turn away.  Alyssa saw his gaze go to Dillon’s fingers, still painted with her blood, then fly to her.

In the next instant, he was gone.

Dillon kicked the door shut, then returned to her side and lowered her cowl.  Picking up one of the clean cloths she had set aside to use as a bandage, he grasped her chin and tenderly dabbed her nose with it, wiping away the blood.  “I like this not, Alyssa,” he told her.

“I know.”  Her body had already begun to heal itself.  The bleeding ceased even as he watched.  “’Twould not have affected me at all,” she assured him with a smile, “were I not weary from healing so many other paltry wounds before it.”

Dillon dropped the cloth with a groan and pulled her to him, locking his arms around her as he rested his cheek upon her hair.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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