Friday, July 1, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday #111 — Phantom Embrace

Happy Friday!  Exciting things are brewing.  I'll have something awesome to share with you soon and can't wait!  Until then . . .

Thank you, everyone who helped me celebrate Phantom Embrace (previously published in the On the Hunt anthology) being released as a solo novella!  And I'd like to send a huge thank you out to all of the readers who have emailed me, messaged me, etc, thanking me for giving Yuri a HEA.  I'm so glad you enjoyed his story!  And I was so thrilled to be able to tell Cat's story as well.  :-)  

Here are some of the reviews rolling in:

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“Duvall's hauntingly beautiful novella, set in the world of the Immortal Guardians, portrays the deep love between two people who can never touch, with a wonderfully unexpected ending.”
—Publishers Weekly
It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  I thought I would give you another quote from Phantom Embrace today.  It features Yuri and Cat:
The amber glow in his eyes intensified. “I love old-fashioned underwear,” he hissed. 
She bit her lip. “You don’t prefer the tiny panties and bras women today wear?” 
He shook his head. “If you knew how many times, as a boy, I tried to catch a glimpse of underwear like this beneath frothy skirts, you’d know that this is what turns me on.” 
She smiled, imaging it
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  1. Of course, you realize, I'm very worried about Stanislav.....

    1. LOL! I wrote PHANTOM EMBRACE because so many readers wished Yuri could find a HEA like the others. So . . . who knows what future books will reveal about Stanislav. ;-)