Friday, February 7, 2014

Favorite Quote Friday #120

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  Mine was both busy and productive.  :-)

I'm very pleased to say my editor really liked Night Unbound, Immortal Guardians Book 5.  Woohoo!  I went over edits this week and enjoyed reading back through Zach and Lisette's story.  I can't wait to start posting favorite quotes from it!  My awesome Street Team has already seen a teaser.  ;-)

Speaking of my Street Team, I also started putting together another box of goodies for them.  So far it includes books for exclusive monthly contests and over 2500 bookmarks, trading cards, and postcards.  (This box is heavy!)  I'll finish getting everything together this weekend and ship it off to my fabulous street managers next week.  :-)

Darkness Rises, Immortal Guardians Book 4, just received a great review from Fresh Fiction.  Heres's a snippet:

"DARKNESS RISES is a fascinating, fast paced, action packed book with just the right amount of tension, sexual and otherwise that will keep the pages turning . . . This is the first of author Dianne Duvall's Immortal Guardians I have read but you can bet I will be getting the past books and looking forward to the new ones that must come out."

You can read the full review HERE.

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Since Zach and Lisette have lingered in my thoughts all week, I thought I would give you a quote from Darkness Rises that features them:

He scanned the dark scenery around him, looking for the culprit, and belatedly heard the heartbeat behind him that his thoughts had drowned out.

Casually, he turned.  His own heart gave a weird little skip.  Lisette, the French immortal, crouched there, her lovely face expressionless.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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