Friday, January 30, 2015

Favorite Quote Friday #161

Happy Friday!  It's been a VERY busy week for me.  

I finished going over edits for Shadows Strike, Immortal Guardians Book 6.  I wrote down a lot of favorite quotes for you while I went over them and also selected a few excerpts.  Can't wait to share them with you!

Next will come the copyedits.  Then the proofs.  Then the ARCs.  Then BAM! — Release Day on August 25th!  

I also went over copyedits for Phantom Embrace, the novella I've written for the On The Hunt anthology.  I really like Yuri's story and hope you will, too. 

And I'm currently working on designing some new swag.  So . . . as I said, it has been a very busy week.  :-)

#Giveaway!  Tomorrow is the last day you can enter to #WIN a signed copy of Night Unbound, Immortal Guardians Book 5!  I don't think the contest mentions swag, but I almost always throw some of that in there, too.  ;-)  You can learn more and enter HERE.

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Today I thought I would give you a micro-excerpt of Phantom Shadows, Immortal Guardians Book 3.  In it the hero, Bastien, is hunting with Richart, the hero of In Still Darkness
“You’re doing it again.” 
“What?”  Bastien looked over at Richart as the Frenchman held his thermal scope up to his right eye and scanned UNC’s campus for the fiftieth time from their position on the roof of Davis Library.  “I’m doing what?” 
Bastien snorted.  “Last time I checked, my ass was still in my pants.” 
“Not the drop your drawers and bend over mooning.  The sighing as you fantasize about Melanie mooning.” 
“You’re infatuated with her.  At the very least.” 
Bastien thought about denying it, but . . .  “Can you blame me?” 
“No.  But your distraction with her last night may have contributed to your not noticing the soldiers earlier.” 
“So what was your excuse?” 
He sighed.  “I was distracted by Jenna.”  He gave Bastien a rueful smile.  “We’re a pair, are we not?  Two hundred years old and behaving like we’re each caught up in a first crush.”
I just love watching kick-ass warriors fall for their heroines.  :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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