Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorite Quote Friday #48

Happy Friday!  I hope you had a nice week.  For those in the storm's path, I hope you and your family and friends weathered it safely.

I have all kinds of Immortals Guardians news to share with you.  :-)  First, Phantom Shadows has received two wonderful reviews:
"Knowing your enemies is a key concern in the newest installment of Duvall's excellent Immortal Guardians series.  Vampires, and the virus that drive them insane, have been the primary threats that our heroes have been fighting, but there is a new player in town.  With this excellent entry, rising star Duvall is fast proving to be a major player in paranormal romance!"
– RT Book Reviews

"[Duvall's] characters have realistic and very human emotions, lending them significant relatability.  Duvall uses recurring characters from previous titles (Darkness Dawns; Night Reigns) to continue building her intriguing paranormal world with increasing flair and writerly skill."
– Publishers Weekly

Second, I have tentative release dates for the novella and Book 4.  The Predatory anthology that will include In Still Darkness and stories by Alexandra Ivy and Nina Bangs, is scheduled for release in May 2013.  Immortal Guardians Book 4 (as yet untitled) is scheduled for release in September 2013.

Third, I'm working on a series of four Phantom Shadows trailers.  I plan to post one per week every week leading up to the release, beginning on September 10th.  The first will be the shortest.  The last will be the longest.  I hope you'll like them!  :-)

It's time again for Favorite Quote Friday!  While editing In Still Darkness, I had to look something up in Night Reigns and read back through one of my favorite scenes.  Today's selection is a narrative quote taken from it that features Ami, the heroine:

Ami searched frantically for the gun they had confiscated, but didn't see it.  Grabbing one of her katanas, she raced for the trees in the direction opposite Sarah's departure.

Agonized screams and garbled cries of pain rode the breeze, nipping at her heels.

Only 31 days until the release of Phantom Shadows!!!

Have a great weekend!


Have a great weekend!


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