Friday, June 8, 2012

Favorite Quote Friday #36

Happy Friday!  I hope your week has been a good one!  Mine was good, but very hot.  Temps here keep creeping closer and closer to the century mark.  It was 98 in the shade again one day, but we did finally get a little bit of rain.

I wrote and turned in a synopsis of the novella I'm writing for the Predatory anthology, which will include stories by Alexandra Ivy and Nina Bangs.  It's a story that's been rambling around in my thoughts ever since I wrote Night Reigns, so I'm excited.  :-)  I'm also designing some new Immortal Guardians swag and hope to order it by the end of the weekend.  Woohoo!

And now it's time for Favorite Quote Friday!  For today's segment, I've chosen a narrative quote from Night Reigns told from the point of view of Melanie, a secondary character who will be the heroine in the next book – Phantom Shadows):

The immortal’s eyes closed. An expression of such anguish contorted his handsome features. Such pain. His hand tightened on the handle of the sword, crushing it and cutting his palm. Blood drip-drip-dripped onto the metal guard, then slithered down the blade like a crimson snake.

I like Melanie.  It takes a lot of guts to work on a daily basis with vampires who could succumb to violent bursts of insanity at any given moment.  :-)

Have a fantastic weekend!


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