Friday, January 8, 2021

Favorite Quote Friday—The Segonian

Happy Friday! There are only 11 more wake-ups until the release of The Segonian, the 2nd stand-alone novel in my new Aldebarian Alliance series! Woohoo!! I'm so excited! And many of you who enjoyed The Lasaran are fueling that excitement with your comments and posts and countdowns. I can't wait for you to read and/or listen to it. 😊

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A #1 Audible Bestseller

Speaking of listening, have you heard the news? The Segonian is Now Available for Pre-Order on Audible! Yes! And fans of the new Aldebarian Alliance series have also already made it a #1 Audible Bestseller. Thank you so much! You rock! And so does Kirsten Potter, who narrates it. I can't wait to listen. If you haven't already pre-ordered it, you can do so HERE.

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My The Segonian Blog Tour starts next week. It's going to be so much fun! For those who enjoy the character interviews, there will be 2 conducted by Sheldon. (He's such a hoot!) There will also be a dreamy dream cast (the independent filmmaker in me always loves these), excerpts, Author Q&As, a playlist, and more. If you're a Book Blogger, Bookstagrammer, or Facebook Influencer, this is your last chance to sign up and join the fun.

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Releasing January 19, 2021
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#1 Audible Bestseller

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday! Today I thought I'd share a quiet moment that takes place between Eliana and Dagon fairly early in the book:


Dagon left his office and made his way down to the infirmary.


Adaos looked up when he entered.


Eliana lay curled on her side, covered by a sheet. Though dark wavy tresses hid much of her face, she appeared to be sleeping deeply.


“She still rests,” Adaos murmured.


“Her injuries?”


“All damage to her skeletal system has healed completely. Some of the damage to her musculature and skin has as well. The damage to her organs is still repairing.”


“Did you give her a silna to accelerate her healing?” Even with the serum, it would take Segonian warriors longer to recuperate from such wounds.


Adaos shook his head. “A silna wasn’t necessary. Her ability to repair and regenerate rivals that of the Sectas with their nanodocs.”


“Amazing.” Dagon crouched next to the bed. Reaching out, he gently drew the hair back from Eliana’s face and tucked it behind her ear. “She’s too thin,” he whispered, noting the prominent cheekbones. Though the burns had healed, some of the cuts and bruising remained. “Did you provide her with sustenance before she fell asleep?”


“Yes. I also fed her fluids and nutrition intravenously.”


“She doesn’t like needles.”


“She slept through it.”


Eliana’s eyelashes fluttered. Her lids rose, revealing deep brown eyes bereft of the amber glow. She studied him a moment, then offered him a sleepy smile. One small hand burrowed out from under the covers and stretched toward him. Soft fingers came to rest on his cheek and stroked the stubble there. “Dagon.”


Warmth unfurled in his chest at the tender touch. His pulse picked up its pace. “Eliana.”


Thank you again, everyone who has pre-ordered The Segonian! I hope you'll enjoy Eliana and Dagon's adventure. 

Take care and happy reading!



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