Friday, January 29, 2021

Favorite Quote Friday—Segonian News, Reviews, & a Giveaway

Happy Friday! What a fantastic week this has been! I have so much news to share with you.

Thank you so much for landing The Segonian on the USA Today Bestseller List! Woohoo!!

Barnes & Noble Press chose The Segonian as one of their Top Five Favorite Indie Ebooks! So exciting!

Nook readers made The Segonian one of Barnes & Noble Press's Top 10 Bestsellers!

Kobo readers, you made it a Kobo Bestseller

Apple Books lovers, you made it an Apple Books Bestseller!

It even hit #1 on International Lists!

While launching a new series is always exciting, it can also be nerve-wracking while I wait to see what you think of it. But you've made the release of both Aldebarian Alliance books so much fun. Thank you so much! You rock!!

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I have great news for historical romance lovers. A HUGE Giveaway is underway. Join the fun and enter to win 30+ historical romance novels—including A Sorceress of His Own (The Gifted Ones Book 1)—and a New eReader! A $400 value! You can ENTER HERE.

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More reviews have been rolling in for The Segonian. And I could not be more pleased. I'm so glad you're enjoying Eliana and Dagon's story! I love that so many readers who admit they don't usually like sci-fi or alien romances are enjoying it, too. Here are just a few of the fantastic reviews I've seen for The Segonian:

I'm a Voracious Reader gave it a fantastic review.

Here's another quote from it:

"I truly feel as if I sound like a broken record when I say how much I love Dianne Duvall’s Immortal Guardian world. And now she has added the Aldebarian Alliance series to it. All I can say is, Hot damn! Talk about mashing genres! Paranormal, romance, and sci-fi, Oh MY! Add humor, action, and some steamy nomminess and you get a dish that is more delicious than anything you could possibly ask for or want."

And Jeri's Book Attic gave it a wonderful review, too. 

Here's another quote from it:

"[Dianne Duvall] can literally write about anything. She created the World around the Immortal Guardians, then the two historical romances about the Gifted Ones. FANTASTIC! I really love historical romances, so these two were perfect in every way. And now the SiFi-Romances. I never imagined that I would read a story that takes place on a spaceship. Only Dianne Duvall can do that. And what a story that was..."


What Readers are Saying

Thank you, everyone who has taken the time to post one. I know I've said this before, but I love seeing that I've made a fellow reader happy. Here are a few more that have appeared on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.:

"While I had my doubts about reading sci-fi romance, Dianne's books read more like a movie script. Packed full of emotion and feeling then ending in adventure and action. This book keeps you captivated from start to end. Well worth the read and highly recommend!"

"I don't USUALLY like sci-fi, space travel/exploration, aliens and weird stuff like that.... BUT!!! THIS I LIKE... BIG TIME😊😊😊... Eliana is funny and grounded, kick ass and soft hearted. I fell in love with her and DAGON's crew."
—Sara Carumba Kaddoura

"This is the most amazing new series I've read in a long time... Thank you Dianne Duvall for giving us a wonderfully amazing and hilarious at times bright spot during an uncertain time in the world. This book has made me laugh out loud, snicker and wake my husband from a dead sleep in the middle of the night because I couldn't stop myself from reading it. Bravo."
—Tara Dorough

"WOW!!! I found myself crying and laughing throughout the book. Filled with action, humor, and love... A must read! Absolutely love Eliana and Dagon."

"I absolutely love this amazing story. It has everything you could want in a space adventure . It has action, danger, humor, aliens, great secondary character and a great couple that makes this story so good that I couldn’t put it down."

"This is one of my keepers, fast action, hilariously funny, and heart warming. Thanks, Dianne"

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A USA TODAY Bestseller
A #1 Amazon & Audible Bestseller

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday! Today I thought I would share another snippet that features Eliana and Dagon. I'll preface it by mentioning that Adaos is the Chief Medical Officer on the Segonian battleship Ranasura:

“I told Adaos he could study me and I would share everything I know about the virus and my species with him if he would share something with me,” Eliana admitted.

Dagon crossed his arms over his chest. “And what might that be?”


Pink crept up her neck and filled her cheeks as she shuffled her feet, looking sheepish as srul, and muttered something he couldn’t hear.




Emitting a growl of her own, she spoke louder. “Information on Segonian courtship rituals and the societal do's and don'ts that surround them." She peeked up at him through long dark lashes as though trying to gauge his reaction.


Everything within him went still. “Segonian courtship rituals?” he repeated softly. “Why would you wish to know more about that?”


She sighed. “Because I couldn’t find anything about it in your informational databases, and I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.” Reaching up, she rested her small hands on his stubbled cheeks, then rose onto her toes and drew him down for a kiss.


His heart stuttered to a halt, then began to slam against his ribs. The first gentle brush of her lips hit him like an electrical current. His breath caught. Hers did, too. She drew back a fraction to stare up at him with wide eyes that acquired an amber glow.


Then Dagon slid his arms around her and locked her against him. Dipping his head, he claimed her lips with greater urgency, letting her feel the heat that had been flaying him inside ever since she had walked onto his bridge, fully recovered from her wounds, and drawn him into a hug. 

I'm so incredibly thrilled that my voyage into space is making so many readers and audiobooklovers laugh and cheer for these two. They were such a fun couple to write. 

If you haven't read or listened to it yet, I hope you'll enjoy Eliana and Dagon's story!

Take care and happy reading!



  1. I've read the book2 times and listen to it about 10 times. I love love this book. Thank you Dianne Duvall

  2. I love how you've popped my Sci-fi cherry with this series. Aliens were never my thing, but now I have whole planets of potential book boyfriends!