Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Broken Dawn is Now Available!

Today is the day!
Broken Dawn is Now Available!

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Narrated by Kirsten Potter


Delve into an exciting new stand-alone novel in New York Times bestselling author Dianne Duvall’s “fast-paced and humorous” (Publishers Weekly), “utterly addictive” (RT Book Reviews) Immortal Guardians series.

Nick Belanger can’t stop thinking about the single mother who lives next door. She’s smart. She’s funny. She’s so beautiful he can’t stare at her too long for fear his eyes will start to glow. But Kayla thinks he’s just an ordinary guy who works in security. Finding out he instead is a powerful immortal warrior who hunts and slays psychotic vampires for a living may not go over well, particularly since she has a daughter she doesn’t want to endanger.

Kayla Dorman can keep neither her gaze nor her thoughts from straying to the man next door. Who can blame her really? He is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome with smart, charming, and honorable thrown in. He’s also a few years younger than her and surely would not be interested in a single mom who hasn’t dated since her divorce. At least that’s what she thinks until an accident nearly takes her life and Nick risks all to save her.

The dynamics of their relationship swiftly change. The friendship they’ve developed over the years deepens into love as the two spend every minute they can together, laughing and teasing, never suspecting a threat may lurk in the shadows. But that threat soon strikes, making it clear that Nick is the target and his enemy doesn’t care if Kayla gets caught in the cross fire. Though Kayla bravely rises to the occasion and is determined to do whatever it takes to help Nick defeat his enemy, Nick is terrified of losing her. Can he identify and eliminate his new nemesis before the man takes everything from him?

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For those who are just hearing about Broken Dawn, I'll preface this by mentioning that Eliana is Nick's hunting partner.

Consciousness beckoned. Kayla fought it, wanting to remain in dreamland a little longer. A large body curled around hers, warming her back and infusing her with peace and contentment. Curling her fingers around a big hand, she hugged it to her chest . . . then stiffened. Her eyes flew open. “Oh sh**.”

Kayla rolled onto her back and looked up.

Nick smiled down at her, his hair rumpled and his handsome face coated with thicker stubble. “Morning.”

“I fell asleep?”

Amusement twinkled in his pretty brown eyes. “Yes.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’ve fallen asleep on this sofa many times myself.”

Sure, because it was his sofa, upon which he had apparently slept last night. With her.

Wait. Had he even had a choice? Had she fallen asleep on him? Was that why he’d slept on the sofa with her?

Heat filled her cheeks, then deepened when she realized she was still holding his hand between her breasts. Hastily releasing him, she sat up. Her chestnut hair tumbled around her shoulders in what probably resembled a bird’s nest. She couldn’t be one of those lucky women in the movies who woke up with their hair spread across the pillow in lovely, shining waves. No, hers probably looked more like a maniacal squirrel had wrought havoc in it until it stuck out in weird angles.

As casually as she could, she combed her fingers through it in an attempt to tame it. “What time is it?”

“Nine. You’ve only been asleep for about three hours.” He sat up beside her, careful not to accidentally nudge her off the cushions. “Sorry we kept you up so late. I should’ve warned you that Eliana and I are both night owls. Hazards of the job and working nights.”

“That’s okay. Where is she?” And how pissed would she be about Kayla cuddling up with Nick? Eliana had said they were just friends, but that could’ve meant friends with benefits.

“Upstairs, sleeping in Oliver’s room.”

She paused. Why had he felt the need to clarify that, to make it clear Eliana wasn’t in his room?

He smiled and offered her a slight shrug. “You were sleeping so soundly I couldn’t bring myself to wake you.”

So he had opted to sleep beside her?

As if he could hear her thoughts, he added, “And I didn’t want you to roll over and fall off.”

Kayla eyed the large sofa and the ottoman. She suspected there had been little danger of that and thus no need for him to have lain down with her.

She arched a brow.

Nick cleared his throat. “I was tired?” he suggested hopefully.

He looked so adorably sheepish that amusement danced through her. “I guess we both were.”

His charming smile reviving, he tucked several stray strands of hair behind her ear.

Her skin tingled at the innocent touch.

Her gaze dropped to his soft lips.

What would they taste like?

What would he taste like?

She dearly wanted to find out . . .

— • — •— •— •— •— •— •— •— •

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I hope you'll enjoy Nick and Kayla's story!


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