Friday, May 22, 2020

Favorite Quote Friday—The Countdown Begins!

Happy Friday! I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. I'm still staying home as much as possible. The plants on my patio have never looked better. 😀 Despite my busier than usual publishing schedule, I'm actually remembering to water them now that I'm home more. Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds are loving it, so I am, too.

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The Lasaran, Aldebarian Alliance Book 1, is still rocking the charts on both Amazon and Audible. I finally got to listen to the audiobook (twice) and loved it. Kirsten Potter was awesome as usual. And after her narration of the preview of the next book in the series, I'm already looking forward to hearing her narrate Eliana's story... which I'm writing now.

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Awesome reviews continue to roll in for The Lasaran. I'm so glad fans and new readers are enjoying it, because I'm super excited about this new series. 😊 

Reading Between the Wines Book Club gave The Lasaran a wonderful review. Here's another quote from it:

"The Lasaran is a fast-moving tale which ensnared my imagination and heart. It’s difficult to put down evidenced by the fact that I spent two days as a zombie with little sleep because I couldn’t stop reading it. The wonderful, feel-good ending still gives me a warm glow when I think of it."
Full Review

Thank you, everyone who has posted reviews on Amazon, Audible, goodreads, and other sites. Here are more favorites:

"Fantastic Mix of PNR and Sci-Fi Romance. I am an avid PNR fan and usually avoid Si-Fi but this book has made a believer out of me! Absolutely loved the mixture of the two that Dianne Duvall has created... Cannot wait for more!!!"
—Patricia Elliott

"Excellent! As usual, Dianne created a book full of action, romance and humor with an engaging storyline... Can't wait for book 2!!!"
—J. Wagner

"Mind Blown!!!!! BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!! When I tell you Dianne Duvall delivered....she DELIVERED! I loved Lisa and Taelon's storyline... Now I need to listen to it on audible and get a hard copy. Yeah it's that good."
—Patrice Burgess

"I’m not a fan of sci- fi so I was really surprised that I love this book. She is one of my favorite authors so I took the chance. I was not disappointed . I can’t wait for the second book in the series, the excerpt at the end of the book was great and now I’m dying to read it!"
—Amazon Customer

"I'm always iffy about starting a spin off series by a favorite author, I should have known that wouldn't be a problem here. This first book was such a delight to read. The humor I've come to know from Dianne, along with all the adventure, intrigue, and of course the passion are definitely found in this wonderful book! Cannot wait to read more!"
—Shannon Garner

"Ok. I'm totally hooked. This is the beginning of a great new series by Dianne Duvall and I could not put it down. Do yourself a favor and read The Lasaran. You won't be disappointed."
—Roseanne Lobbezoo

"Dianne Duvall has hit another one out of the park, or should I say, out of the atmosphere! Her exciting world of Immortal Guardians has crossed over to the vast outer space. All the humor, honor, Love & exciting fight scenes , have move from earth to space. Can't wait for the next one!"
—Mrs. Reads-A-Lot

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Just a reminder: I'll be celebrating the release of Broken Dawn with a fun blog tour. There will be excerpts, exclusive author posts, a dream cast, favorite quotes, Top 5 lists, and more. There will also be a tour-wide giveaway. Author's Taproom is hard at work, planning it. So if you're a blogger or a bookstagrammer and would like to join us, you can learn more and sign up HERE.

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Releasing June 16, 2020
A #1 Amazon Best Seller
A #1 Audible Best Seller

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Narrated by Kirsten Potter

— Available on Release Day — 

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday! The countdown has begun! There's less than a month to go until Broken Dawn releases. Woohoo!! So today I thought I would give you another sneak peek into its pages that features Nick and Kayla (the hero and heroine). I'll preface this by mentioning that Eliana is Nick's hunting partner and Becca is Kayla's teenaged daughter:


Nick drew back enough to press his forehead to hers and released a ragged breath. “You’re killing me, Kayla.”

“Why?” Was that breathy voice hers?

“Because I desperately want to follow through on this but don’t know how much time we have before Becca and Eliana get here.”

Her eyes widened. “Oh crap.” He might as well have dumped a bucket of ice water on her. “You’re right. It probably wouldn’t be good if we were naked and humping like bunnies when they came in.”

He laughed, some of the intensity leaving his face as he shook his head. “This is going to be fun, isn’t it?”

She smiled. “What is?”

“You and me.”

Excitement skittered through her. “Is there going to be a you and me?”

“If I have anything to say about it? Hell yes.”

Have a nice weekend!



  1. As usual I'm waiting with bated breath !!

  2. *waves hand wildly in front of face* oh the fun these two will have!

  3. Less than a month is still soooo long to wait, even though I know the wait will be worth every moment!

  4. Sounds like they will be a fun couple ti read about. 😊

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  8. I've just finished reading The Lasaran. It was AMAZING! I wrote a glowing review.
    Can't wait for Broken Dawn, Nick and Kayla sound fan-bloody-tastic!

  9. I loved it! Now, I need the 2nd book!

  10. Lasaran i have listened to the book 5 times. I cant wait for the next book. I have all your audiable books my daughter and I love them. You are my favorite author

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