Friday, November 18, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday—Rendezvous With Yesterday

Happy Friday!  I've been feeling under the weather all week.  Apparently I've caught whatever bug has been going around.  I'd like to send a big THANK YOU out to my Facebook friends for their well-wishes.  I know some of you are fighting off the latest cold/flu/whatever virus, too.  I hope you'll feel better soon.  And I hope the rest of you will stay heathy this cold and flu season.  

I'll share something with you that made my week brighter.  Caffeinated Book Reviewer gave the Rendezvous with Yesterday audiobook a stellar review.  I admit I've been eager to hear what Kimberly thought of it ever since I saw her mention she would be listening to it soon, so I'm thrilled to see that she enjoyed it.  And I always love to hear that I've made someone laugh.  😊

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  I'm so happy that readers are enjoying Robert and Bethany's banter and romance.  If you haven't read  Rendezvous with Yesterday yet, here's another quote from it to give you a glimpse of them together:
[Robert] circled the foot of his large bed and found two slender, trouser-clad legs poking out from beneath the blankets, heels up, toes down.  “What are you doing under there?” 
“Waiting for you.  Would you do me a favor?” 
“You have but to ask.” 
“Good.  Grab my ankles and give them a good yank, would you?  I’m stuck.” 
Laughing, he knelt beside her, curled his fingers around her ankles just above her small mannish boots and pulled her out from underneath the bed.
Have a wonderful weekend!


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