Friday, November 11, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday

Happy Friday!  I can't believe almost a month has passed since I released Rendezvous with Yesterday.  Time is really flying . . . so quickly that it feels like I just wrote my last weekly Friday post two days ago.  :-)  

As you know, Rendezvous with Yesterday released in audiobook on November 1st.  And, thanks to those of you who pre-ordered it or have purchased it since, it has hit two of Audible's Best Seller Lists.  Hitting bestseller lists is always exciting.  But hitting it alongside some of my all-time favorite authors is just awesome.  
Here is the fantastic company I have been keeping on Audible's Fantasy Romance Best Seller List.  Christine Feehan is actually one of the authors who made me love paranormal romance so much.  I've been reading her books for years.  So seeing my books alongside hers is a real treat.  And not only do I love Laurann Dohner's New Species series, I love to chat with the lady herself.  She's just the nicest person, and so much fun.  :-)  I'm eager to dive into this new series of hers as soon as I can finally find some reading (or more likely listening) time.  
Here is Rendezvous with Yesterday on Audible's Historical Romance Best Seller List.  Isn't that outstanding company to keep?  Both Julie Garwood and Mary Balogh are amongst my favorite historical romance authors.  So, again, seeing my book on lists alongside theirs is a real treat.  :-)

Reviews have also continued to roll in for Rendezvous with Yesterday on Amazon.  I admit I was a little surprised to discover that time travel romance isn't as popular a genre as it used to be.  (Time travel romance is one of my favorite genres.  I just love to see how characters react when they're taken out of their comfort zones and find themselves totally out of their element.)  So many of the 5-star reviews Robert and Bethany's story has received have begun with something along the lines of "I don't usually like time travel romance, but . . ." that I couldn't help but conclude that the genre isn't nearly as popular as paranormal romance or historical romance.  Which only makes me appreciate all the more the fantastic reviews some of you have generously taken the time to offer.  Thank you!!  Here are a few of my favorites from Amazon:

"Rendezvous with Yesterday is an endearing tale of love and family.  It has it all - excitement, tears, suspense, and a little paranormal thrown in.  I loved it and can't wait for more!"

“Loved this book so much! Time travel at it`s very best. Robert and Bethany are perfect in any century. Lovely to see Marcus, Seth and Roland !!”
—Cindy Foreman

“Keep them coming Dianne - YOU ROCK!!!!!”
—Sara G

“This was funny, poignant and a great read.”
—Tammy M.

"If you haven't already, you have to read all of Dianne Duvall's books!"
—Dragonfly Dreamer

"Not your typical time travel romance. It is so much better. Intriguing plot and interesting characters. I couldn't put this one down."

"I have been looking forward to this story since I started reading the Immortal Guardian series. Beth and Robert's story did not disappoint! Love it! Looking forward to more!"

"Great read! I have enjoyed all of this authors books. The story is wonderful and kept me turning pages. The characters as always were well developed and interesting. The plot was great with lots of twists. This is a great romance also."

"Loved it! It was so well written, and lol moments. Absolutely loved Robert and Bethany characters! Perfect! I'm picky on giving 5 stars, this is one of them."

Rendezvous with Yesterday has tempted quite a few new readers into trying my Immortal Guardians series.  (As have the current Immortal Guardians ebook sale prices.)  And the question I've been asked most in emails, messages, etc, is a variation of this question from Amy D: 

Q:  I recently found your Immortal Guardians series and have just finished Book 6.  I can't find any mention of when Book 7 will be released.  Will there be more books in the seres?  (Please, say yes!)

A:  Absolutely.  I am having far too much fun with these characters to stop writing their stories.  :-)  I'm working on Book 7, which will feature Aidan as hero, now.  Since I will be indie publishing all future books in the series, I won't have a release date until roughly three months prior to the book's release.  But I'm hoping to release it in Summer 2017.

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Since my good news all revolved around Rendezvous with Yesterday.  I thought I'd give you another quote from it today.  This one features Robert and Bethany (the hero and heroine) and Dillon and Alyssa (the hero and heroine of A Sorceress of His Own):
She looked up at Robert.  “You want to help me out here?” 
“Verily, she meant no insult, Alyssa,” he insisted.  “’Tis only that I told her of your gifts and . . . there are things in her past that she feared would shock you.”   
Beth stared up at him in dismay.  That sounded even worse than her ramblings had!  She slapped him on the arm.  “Robert!  Don’t say it like that!  You make it sound like I used to be a whore or something!” 
“Were you?” Dillon asked insolently. 
Beth glared at him.  “You know, you are not too old to spank.” 
Robert choked on a laugh.
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