Friday, January 22, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday

Happy Friday!  I hope you had a good week, because you made mine pretty awesome.  :-)

“Duvall's hauntingly beautiful novella, set in the world of the Immortal Guardians, portrays the deep love between two people who can never touch, with a wonderfully unexpected ending.”
— Publishers Weekly
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Thanks so much, all of you who pre-ordered Phantom Embrace after my Cover Reveal last Friday.  You made it leap onto three of Amazon's Top 100 Bestseller lists.  Woohoo!!  You're the best!  

I hope you'll enjoy it.  I really like Yuri and Cat's story.  I think I may have already mentioned this when it was originally released in the On the Hunt anthology last year, but I've been wanting to write Cat's story ever since Marcus encountered her in Darkness Dawns and Night Reigns.  I'm so glad she and Yuri could find happiness together.  :-)

USA Today Bestseller
"Fans of terrific paranormal romance have hit the 
jackpot with Duvall and her electrifying series."
—RT Book Reviews
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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  For today's selection, I thought I would give you another quote from Shadows Strike, one of my latest releases.  This particular quote is taken from one of my favorite scenes in the novel, in which David—the immensely powerful Second in Command of the Immortal Guardians—is proving he is indeed telepathic by reading a skeptic's mind.  :-)
[David] looked at Tim. “Yes, I can read your mind . . . Yes, every thought.” His look turned resigned. “Perry the Platypus.  Camel.  Pink.  Jay Z.  Doc McStuffins Pizza.  Enough.  You’re giving me a headache.” 
I'll be spending the weekend with Robert, Bethany, and teenaged Marcus again (Rendezvous With Yesterday, The Gifted Ones Book 2).  Have a great weekend!


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