Friday, December 4, 2015

Favorite Quote Friday

Happy Friday!  We've had the most wonderful cloudy, chilly days here.  Perfect writing weather.  So I've been deeply engrossed in early 13th century England this week, working on Rendezvous With Yesterday, The Gifted Ones Book 2.  :-)

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Wonderful reviews continue to roll in for the first book in The Gifted Ones series—A Sorceress of His Own.  Here are some of the latest on Amazon:

"Excellent.  Really enjoyed this book.  Very unique.  Well written.  Loved the super-naturalness of it.  Can't wait to read more from Dianne Duvall."
—C. Foster

"Very good story.  This story had it all, love, adventure, and mystery.  Most of all you really liked the main characters.  Thank you Miss Duvall for a wonderful journey!"

"Wow.  Best book I have read all year, didn't want to put it down.  Was amazing from start to finish.  I am not normally a fan of romance heavy stories but this book was flawless."

"Excellent.  This was an excellent story, from start to finish.  The hero (arguably maybe two) and the heroine were strong characters.  This is probably one of the nest stories I have ever read and made me cry on more than one occasion.  I look forward to reading future books by this author."
—T. Jennings

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Great reviews continue to roll in for Shadows Strike, too.  :-)  Here are some of the latest on Amazon:

"This book was so exciting and romantic.  I was hooked from the beginning.  This is a wonderful paranormal series."
—Glynda H Roy

"Dianne Duvall writes such fun and exciting stories.  A great read!"
—Christy Kennedy

"This is one of the very best series I have ever read.  I absolutely love the story line and the characters the author has created.  Each book just gets better and better.  I want more every time a book ends."

"Ethan and Heather are a wonderful addition to the Immortal Guardians series!!  Dianne did it again and I cannot wait for the next book!"
—Cindy Foreman

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Today I thought I would give you a glimpse of some of the secondary characters in A Sorceress of His Own.  :-)
Meghan looked to her grandfather. 
“Go with him.” 
But go with him where?  The man couldn’t sprout wings and fly her there. 
She eyed the stranger uneasily.  Could he? 
His lips twitched.  “There are faster means than even that to convey you.” 
Again her mouth fell open.  Had he read her thoughts? 
“Aye.”  He turned to her grandfather.  “I shall return her anon, and thank you for trusting me to ensure her safety.” 
So saying, he again reached out and touched Meghan’s shoulder. 
Darkness engulfed her, shutting out all light.  Her head swam with dizziness.  Then she found herself standing in a moonlit forest. 
Seth chuckled.  “’Tis a bit unsettling the first time, but ’twill pass.”
For those who haven't read it:  Yes, that's the Seth from my Immortal Guardians series.  There's a bit of crossover.  :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!