Friday, July 31, 2015

Shadows Strike Teaser, Giveaway News & More

Happy Friday!  It's been a hot, hot (did I mention hot?) week with triple digit temps and no rain in sight.  I spent much of my time inside, basking in the AC while I worked on my upcoming Shadows Strike Blog Tour and something else I hope to share with you soon.  ;-)

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A Sorceress of His Own, the first book in my new series The Gifted Ones, released two months ago this week.  Not only is it still in the Top 5 on three of Amazon's Top 100 Bestseller Lists, great reviews continue to roll in.  :-)  You all are awesome!!!  Thank you, everyone who has taken the time to write a review.  I thought I'd share snippets from some of the latest on Amazon:

"One of the most enjoyable books I've read in a good while."

"I loved this story from beginning to end! So much action, intrigue, and hot romance!  Just the right recipe for a great read."

"If you have never read Dianne Duvall before, you need to IMMEDIATELY purchase everything she has written and devour it.  They're that good . . . Every single book surpasses the one before it, and A Sorceress of His Own is no exception."
—Daisy Marie

I've received the most wonderful messages and emails from readers, telling me that this book or that helped them through a particularly difficult week.  Those messages and reviews like these do the same for me.  I can be having the most stressful day, will see a review like those above, and will perk right up.  :-)  Thank you so much for making my first indie release such a thrilling and successful one.  

Looking for some summer reads to take your mind off the heat?  I'll be participating in the Beach Reads in August Giveaway Hop.  It begins tomorrow on August 1st and continues through August 15th.  I'm sure my TBR pile will grow yet again, because the theme is books you just can't put down. :-)

For my prize, I'll be giving away a signed ARC of my next release—Shadows Strike—plus swag (lots of bookmarks, trading cards, and postcards).  So drop by and join the fun for a chance to win some great goodies!


For even more chances to win goodies, hop over to my My Facebook Page.  I need something to distract me from the heat and feel another flash giveaway coming on.  ;-)  

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"Fans of terrific paranormal romance have hit the jackpot with Duvall and her electrifying series."
—RT Book Reviews

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday! Less than a month to go until Release Day—August 25th!  Here's another sneak peek into the pages of Shadows Strike in which Heather (the heroine) is talking to Ethan (the hero):
"I don’t want to be the kind of woman who freaks out if we happen to run into one of your old girlfriends. We’re both adults. You didn’t come to me a virgin. And I didn’t come to you a virgin.” 
“Oh, but you did,” he said somberly. “You swore you’d been saving yourself for me. That you had never made love before. Never kissed a man before.” He squeezed her hand. “That you had never even held hands with a man before you met me.” 
Grinning, she patted their clasped hands. “You just keep believing that, honey." 
I love these two together.  I can't wait for you to read it!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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