Friday, April 17, 2015

Huge Giveaway + Favorite Quote Friday

Happy Friday!  We had the most wonderful stormy day yesterday.  It rained all day and night, thunder rumbling and vibrating the windows.  It even hailed a little bit.  Perfect atmosphere for going over Shadows Strike proofs.

I have a love/hate relationship with this stage of the publishing process.  This is the last time errors can be corrected, so I have to read through the manuscript very carefully, paying close attention to every single word and punctuation mark, looking for typos.  It can be incredibly tedious.  BUT I'm enjoying reading Ethan and Heather's story again.  :-)  

As many of you know, A Sorceress of His Own, the first book in my new series The Gifted Ones, will be released on June 2nd.  I’m so excited!  And, for the first time ever I have access to Pre-Order numbers.  I would love to reach 6k Pre-Orders by Release Day.  AND, at the same time, I would like to thank all of the awesome readers who pre-order a copy and share in my excitement, so I’m launching a big Pre-Order Campaign Contest.  Every 1000 pre-orders that come in between now and June 2nd, I will give away an Amazon Gift Card, each worth more than the previous one.  I’ll also give away some other goodies at each 500 pre-order mark in between.  

TO ENTER:  Pre-Order A Sorceress of His Own (see links below), then fill out the Pre-Order Contest Form.  If you’ve already pre-ordered, just fill out the form  :-)  Here are the Pre-Order Links:

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Thanks so much!  Pre-Orders are so important to authors.  I do a happy dance every time I see another one come in.  You're the best!  :-)

An Amazon #1 Best Seller
Kindle • iTunes • Kobo • Nook
"Book after book, Duvall brings her readers complex,
fascinating tales of romance, danger and loyalty."
—RT Book Reviews

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Only a month and a half to go until A Sorceress of His Own's release!  Woohoo!!  So for today's selection, I thought I would give you another sneak peek in the form of a narrative quote taken from it:
Alyssa’s heart hammered beneath her breast.  What was he doing to her?  With just a look . . . such a look . . . he peeled away her exterior and threatened to expose all of her hidden desires.
I hope you'll enjoy the new series.  :-)  Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Beautiful cover Dianne! I'm sure this will be another enthralling series too :)

  2. Faith, hope, and love -
    the greatest of these is love:
    jump into faith...
    and you'll see with love.
    Doesn’t matter if you don’t believe
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    God. Bless. You.