Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's the Ultimate Hero Showdown!!!

Round One of Kensington's Ultimate Hero Showdown has begun and the battle is off to an exciting start!  Not only can you vote for your favorite heroes, you can also take advantage of the huge sale that accompanies the event.  That's right—every featured hero's book is on sale, including . . .

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Zach, from NIGHT UNBOUND, joins the fight today.  You can vote for him Today Only on Tumblr (you don't have to have a Tumblr account to vote) and on Kensington's website.

Not familiar with Zach?  Here's a glimpse of him in action:
Zach vanished, then reappeared only a few feet in front of the pack. 
Lisette raised the tranquilizer gun and aimed it at the big vamp. 
The vampires shuffled to a halt. 
“Who the f*** are you?” one demanded, either too insane or too stupid to be afraid. 
Zach smiled.  “It doesn’t really matter.  You won’t live long enough to tell anyone.”  Drawing katanas, he shot forward. 
Lisette gasped as he tore through the vampires like a tornado. 
Holy sh**, he’s fast! Richart thought and took a step forward, his fascinated gaze glued to the tempest below. 
It didn’t take long. 
Zach stilled in the center of the pack, knees bent, blades dripping, face marbled with blood.  Seven vampires sank lifelessly to the ground, their bodies spread around him like the petals of a flower, as the virus went to work and they began to shrivel up like mummies.

And he loves Lisette with a depth he hadn't thought possible.  Zach would do anything to make her happy:
She brushed his hair out of his eyes.  “You’ve been pulling me into your dreams, haven’t you?  Intentionally?” 
He nodded.  “I knew you missed the sun and wanted to share it with you.” 
Her eyes burned as tears rose.  “Thank you,” she whispered. 
He brushed a kiss across her lips.  “Anything for you.”
So I hope you'll join the fun and cast your vote!  

Have a fantastic week!


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