Monday, November 14, 2011

* * * New Contest * * *

Hi, all!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I'm going to begin my week by announcing a new contest!  I've decided to do something different with my Night Reigns Blog Tour.  I'm going to include character interviews similar to the one I did recently on Reading Between the Wines Book Club.  To make things more interesting, I thought I would enlist your aid and find out what you would ask the Immortal Guardians crew if you had the chance.  So here's the contest:

First Prize is your choice of either a signed Night Reigns ARC (my last) or a signed copy of Darkness DawnsSecond and Third Prize winners will be sent Immortal Guardians swag packs.  Below is a list of characters and couples from my Immortal Guardians series.  Choose any of them and ask them questions you'd like them to answer in an interview.  Ask as many questions as you'd like, in one post or multiple posts.  Every question you ask will count as one entry.  Here's the list:

  • Seth (oldest, most powerful immortal and leader of the Immortal Guardians)
  • David (2nd oldest, 2nd most powerful)
  • Darnell (David's Second)
  • Roland (immortal hero, Darkness Dawns, heals with his hands)
  • Sarah (heroine, Darkness Dawns, music theory professor)
  • Roland & Sarah
  • Marcus (immortal hero, Night Reigns, sees ghosts/spirits)
  • Ami (heroine, Night Reigns, Marcus's Second) - ask her anything except what she is ;-) 
  • Marcus & Ami
  • Richart (immortal, teleports)
  • Étienne (immortal, Richart's twin, telepathic)
  • Lisette (immortal, Richart & Étienne's sister, telepathic)
  • Chris Reordon (head of the human network that aids immortals)
  • Sheldon (Richart's Second)
  • Cameron (Étienne's Second)
  • Tracy (Lisette's Second)
  • Cliff, Vincent, & Joe (vampires)
  • Immortals in general
  • Seconds in general
  • Vampires 
I will randomly select winners (using on Thursday and will mail prizes once the winners send me their snail mail addresses.  So either include your email address in your post or check back here on Thursday (late afternoon or evening).

I look forward to reading your questions!  Good luck!  And have a great week!



  1. For Immortals:
    What is the happiest thing about being an Immortal? And the saddest?

  2. Kk i had to go back and reread the book (certainly not a hardship)
    What Powers does Seth have? all of them?
    Ami - what are her powers? (and since we cant ask what she is, how about how old is she?
    how are the vampires settling in, and what are their stories? how did they get turned etc
    How did Chris get involved? if hes human how does he know so much?

  3. For the immortals:

    If you had the opportunity to go back to or become mortal would you?


  4. For Seth:

    Since you are the oldest, if you could have any fantasy come to be what would it be? Also who would be your fantasy woman, height, hair, eyes, so on and so on?

  5. For Seth

    Do immortals believe in a higher being?
    What is your one fear?

  6. For Seth,

    you combine all paranormal abilities, is there one that is your favorite?

    For Marcus,

    do you believe in second chances? Like a second chance for love?

    For all immortals,

    what do you think of humans?

    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    For Ami,

    are you interested in one of the immortal guardians?

    For the ones with telepathic abilities: How do you handle knowing what other think?

    For Sarah,

    what made you fell in love with Roland?

  7. 1. Seth, what advice would you give to new immortals?

    2. Marcus, how would you describe your relationship with Ami? (Love-hate, opposites attracts, friends to lovers etc.)

    3. Richart, what is the best thing about having a twin?

    4. Sarah, has there been any situation where your background as a music theory professor has come in handy?

    5. David, do you ever feel pressure to prove yourself worthy of being second in command? Or does your position not concern you and the immortals?

    6. Lisette, are your two brothers protective of you when it comes to you finding love?

    I look forward to "meeting" you guys! Thanks Dianne for the chance to get to know your characters.


  8. How have you all kept such a low profile for so long?

  9. Question for the vampires: How is the life with the other immortals?

    Question for all immortals: Do you know if ther are shapeshifters among your ranks?

  10. For David, how do you feel always to be the second. Second oldest, second in command etc

  11. Ohh I got a couple more!!

    David.. how did he turn and what is his gift?

    Are Seconds human, vampire, immortal? what is their exact purpose?

    how does Ami end up as Marcus' second? and how does he feel about having one?

    Will roland and sarah both have a second now? how did the transformation take?

  12. Seth,please tell me, in all of your years which moment of your life were you the most powerless and why?

  13. Sherrie wants to know:

    Sarah, How are you adjusting to immortal life?Any regrets?

    Roland and Sarah, How's married life? Any children in the picture or is that impossible?

  14. Seth:

    Being the oldest immortal have you any regrets? Lost love, do you envy human or normal life humans have? Would you rather prefer not to be turned into an immortal?

    And BTW can you check on me and tell me if I have any kind of supernatural power so I can be turn as well??? here's my email: proserpinecravedfor(at)hotmail(dot)com


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  16. Seth:

    If you had the chance to have someone else be leader, would you relinquish command?