Friday, November 11, 2011

Favorite Quote Friday #11

It's Friday!  Woohoo!  How was your week?  Mine was very productive.  For those who haven't heard yet, the official title of Book 3 in my Immortal Guardians series will be . . . *drum roll* . . .
Phantom Shadows
As for who the hero and heroine of that one will be . . . I'm going to keep you guessing a little bit longer.  :-)  I'm editing Phantom Shadows now and am pleased with what I've read so far.  Hopefully you will be, too.  I like where the series arc is going, the changes taking place in the Immortal Guardians' world, and the challenges those changes are creating.  I'm very excited.

Outside of writing, I cut a trailer for an independent filmmaker, who really liked it.  Maybe once the composer scores it, the director will let me post it here.  I edited the film itself, too.  It was a fun project to work on, so I'm hoping fervently that the film will land a distributor.

I also did some website creation.  I'm in the process of updating my website and am working on a side project, too, that I'll share with you soon.

So, it's been a big week for me.  :-)  The release of Night Reigns is only 24 days away.  I can't wait!  In a couple of weeks or so, I'm going to post a big deleted scene.  Until then, it's time for this week's installment of Favorite Quote Friday, for which I've chosen another quote from Night Reigns:

"Over eight centuries of living and I still haven't learned 
a bloody thing.  I still want what I can't have."
~ Marcus ~

Just a reminder, there's still time to win the Immortal Guardians swag pack I'm giving away to celebrate the appearance of my first guest -- author JoAnne Kenrick -- here on The Immortal Realm.  Details are in her guest post below.  I'll choose and notify a winner next week.

Also, I'm giving away two signed copies of Night Reigns at The Romance Reviews for their big Year End Splash (Yes!) Party.  My Q&As will be posted on:
November 16th
November 27th

Have a wonderful day and a fantastic weekend!