Friday, August 9, 2019

A Sneak Peek, Giveaway, Sale, & More

Happy Friday! I have lots of news to share with you.

Rendezvous With Yesterday, the second book in my series The Gifted Ones, is on sale for a limited time in ebook—only $1.99 (save 85%)! 

Winner of the GraveTells Readers Choice Award
for Best Historical Romance

Top Pick
"I loved this book!  It had pretty much all of my favorite things—medieval times, a kick-ass heroine, a protective hero, magic, and a dash of mayhem."
The Romance Reviews

"I'm a sucker for time travel stories . . . this one is genius with its delivery."
—Scandalicious Book Reviews

Rendezvous with Yesterday was such a fun time-traveling action-packed romance!"
—Book Munchies

Modern-day bounty hunter Bethany Bennett helps her brother track two fugitives to a forest outside of Houston, Texas. But what should have been a routine apprehension of two bail skippers spirals out of control and ends in violence. After Beth and her brother are both seriously injured, a mysterious figure suddenly looms over her. And, when the smoke clears, Beth finds herself not only in another place, but in another time.

As Lord Robert, Earl of Fosterly, attempts to identify and track down the nameless enemy who has been plaguing his lands and people with violence, the most peculiar woman stumbles into his path. Small, vulnerable, yet possessed of a bold, fiery spirit and wicked sense of humor, she persists in dubbing Robert and his men members of something called a medieval reenactment group . . . until she sees his castle and labels herself insane. It seems bounty hunter Bethany Bennett has come to him from the future, bringing with her laughter and chaos, swiftly winning the hearts of his people and inspiring within him a love he thought he would never experience again. But when Robert discovers a way for her to return to her time, will the love they share be enough to keep them together?

If you read my Immortal Guardians series,
but have never tried this one:

Seth and Marcus both appear in Rendezvous With Yesterday  Marcus (hero of Night Reigns, Immortal Guardians Book 2) is the mortal squire of the hero in this one. I loved seeing him as a teenager. ;-)

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Look what came in the mail: some Death of Darkness posters. Sooooo pretty. Of course, I had to launch a giveaway. I intended to choose a winner on Thursday, but Facebook did something weird with the links. So I fixed them and extended the giveaway one more day. That means you still have time to enter to win.

I'll choose a winner tonight (Friday). You can enter HERE.

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The Night Owl Romance Cupcakes & Books online Reader Scavenger Hunt has begun. Woohoo!! The event begins on August 8th and will continue through August 22nd. Over $700 in Prizes will be awarded with over 100 Winners!

1 — Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite Winner
(USA Only)

1 — $50 Amazon Card Winner
(Open to the World)

1 — $25 Amazon Card Winner
(Open to the World)

101 — $5 Amazon Card Winners
(Open to the World)

I hope you will drop by, join the fun, and find some great new books.

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If you Pre-Order Death of Darkness in ebook or audiobook (so sorry I can't make the paperback available for pre-order), don't forget to enter the Death of Darkness Pre-Order Giveaway I've launched. Three prizes will be awarded:

Prize Packs
Death of Darkness pillow
a signed paperback copy of Blade of Darkness
Death of Darkness coffee mug
an Immortal Guardians pen
13 collector cards
5 postcards

$50 Amazon Gift Card

So if you pre-order Death of Darkness before August 20th, just fill out the form and you will be entered to win. Winners will be randomly selected (I use and notified via email by August 25, 2019.

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My Death of Darkness Blog Tour has begun! Join me for fun character interviews (conducted by Sheldon from my Immortal Guardians series), author Q & As, excerpts, a dream cast, favorite quotes, Top 5 lists, reviews, a playlist, and more. There will also be a tour-wide giveaway with three prizes:

$50 Amazon Gift Card

$25 Amazon Gift Card

Awesome Immortal Guardians and The Gifted Ones Swag Pack
(a Death of Darkness tote bag, signed paperback copies of Blade of Darkness and Awaken the Darkness, 5 postcards, 13 bookmarks, and 13 trading cards.)

You can find the full schedule on my Blog Tours page and on Author's Taproom. Here are some stops you might have missed:


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Death of Darkness Playlist

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Immortal Guardians Book 9
Releasing August 20, 2019
in eBook, Audiobook, and Paperback

Special Pre-Order Price—Save $1!
Kindle • Nook • Kobo • iBooks
Amazon UK  AmazonAU  AmazonCA  AmazonDE • AmazonFR
Audio CD • Audible
Available on Release Day

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday! Only a week and a half to go until Seth's book releases! I'm so excited!! Some of the reviewers I sent ARCs to have begun to share snippets of their reviews with me... and they are awesome!! I'll share some with you soon. Until then, I thought I would offer you another sneak peek into the pages of Death of Darkness that will give you a glimpse of Seth and Leah:
He took so much upon himself to try to spare others. When she would’ve loosened her hold to look up at him, Seth tightened his arms around her. 
“Let me hold you a little longer,” he whispered. 
Nodding, she relaxed against him. 
Several minutes passed while they just held each other. 
“You make everything better, Leah,” he murmured. 
Warmth burrowed through her chest, straight to her heart. “You do, too.”
Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Sounds like Seth is sad, it's ok, Leah will make things better. Just over a week left!
    Thanks for sharing Dianne!

  2. Seth sounds overwhelmed. Glad he has to meet him feel better.

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  4. These snippets are making the wait unbearable!!!