Friday, July 26, 2019

Favorite Quote Friday—Death of Darkness

Happy Friday! It's been another eventful week. 😊

I mailed the first ten ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) of Death of Darkness out to reviewers. I'll be getting more packages together this weekend, including swag packs for giveaway winners that will include some of my new Death of Darkness swag.

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I also have exciting news to share: Les ombres fantômes (Les gardiens immortels t. 3)—the French translation of Phantom Shadows (Immortal Guardians Book 3)—is now available for purchase in Kindle format. The paperback will release in September and is now available for pre-order. 😊

La Dre Melanie Lipton connaît bien le surnaturel. Elle connaît les immortels mieux qu’ils ne se connaissent eux-mêmes, jusqu’au niveau de leurs petits gènes rebelles. Alors, même si un immortel séduisant et sauvage semble suspect aux yeux de ses collègues, Sebastien Newcombe intrigue Melanie. Son passé est en dents de scie, ses cicatrices sont saisissantes et ses idées sont provocantes. Mais ce ne sont pas ses idées qui amènent Melanie à combattre des poussées de désir…

Bastien est habitué d’être le méchant. En fait, il ne peut se rappeler la dernière fois qu’il a eu un allié fiable. Mais Melanie est différente — et sous son extérieur calme et professionnel, il sent une passion qui dépasse tout ce qu’il a connu au cours de ses siècles d’expérience. Céder à la tentation est hors de question — il ne peut la mettre en danger. Mais elle ne lui demande pas la permission…

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Now for a bit of bad news: A lot of readers have been asking when the Death of Darkness paperback will become available for pre-order. Well, the POD (print on demand) publisher I've been using since I went indie has changed hands (in a manner of speaking) and now no longer allows pre-orders. So you won't be able to purchase the paperback until release day—August 20th. I admit I'm disappointed and hope they will change this policy before my next release. If they don't, I may explore other options. So sorry for the inconvenience. 

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The #ImmortalGuardiansReadAlong in my Books Group is on Night Unbound (Book 5). We're having a lot of fun with it. So if you'd like to join the fun, you can find the group HERE

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 💝💖💝 THANK YOU! 💝💖💝

Thank you, everyone who has pre-ordered Death of Darkness! Pre-Orders are so important to authors. Don't forget to enter the Death of Darkness Pre-Order Giveaway I've launched to show my appreciation. Three prizes will be awarded:

Prize Packs
Death of Darkness pillow
a signed paperback copy of Blade of Darkness
Death of Darkness coffee mug
an Immortal Guardians pen
13 collector cards
5 postcards

$50 Amazon Gift Card

I like the pillows so much I ordered an extra one for myself. I kept a coffee mug, too. Love-love-love them! 😄 So if you pre-order Death of Darkness in ebook or audiobook (so sorry I can't make the paperback available for pre-order) before August 20th, just fill out the form and you will be entered to win. Winners will be randomly selected (I use and notified via email by August 25, 2019.

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Immortal Guardians Book 9
Releasing August 20, 2019
in eBook, Audiobook, and Paperback

Special Pre-Order Price—$5.99
(Reg. $6.99—Save $1!)
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Available on Release Day

Delve into New York Times bestselling author Dianne Duvall’s “utterly addictive” (RT Book Reviews), “fast-paced and humorous” (Publishers Weekly) Immortal Guardians series. 

Seth has led the Immortal Guardians for thousands of years. With them fighting by his side, he has protected humans from psychotic vampires, defeated corrupt mercenary armies, defended military bases under attack, and more. But the latest enemy to rise against the Immortal Guardians has proven to be a formidable one, wielding almost as much power as Seth. His goal is simple. He wants to watch the world burn. And he will use every means at his disposal to accomplish it. Seth and his Immortal Guardians have succeeded thus far in staving off Armageddon despite heartbreaking losses. But they have never before faced such danger. Seth has only one wish: to protect his Immortal Guardians family and ensure the continuation of humanity by defeating his foe. But then Leah walks into his life and sparks a new desire.

Leah Somerson has suffered losses of her own. It has taken her a long time to rebuild her life and find some semblance of peace. Then one night a tall, dark, powerful immortal with what appears to be the weight of the world on his shoulders stumbles into her shop, and everything changes. Peace and contentment are no longer enough. Now she wants more. She wants to find happiness. She wants to erase the darkness in Seth’s eyes and replace it with love and laughter. She knows he’s different in ways that make most fear him. Even some of his immortal brethren keep a careful distance. But Leah will not. Nor will she shy away when danger strikes. 

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday! Today I will offer you another sneak peek into the pages of Death of Darkness that will give you a glimpse of Seth and Leah, the hero and heroine. In this scene, Seth  has just arrived at Leah's shop after hours:
He strolled through the store to the back room.
Leah sat at a desk, staring at a computer screen that displayed a spreadsheet of some sort. “Give me two minutes,” she mumbled, her tone distracted, “then I’ll be done.”
Seth leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. She wore glasses tonight. He had never seen her do so before and wondered if she needed them for reading and close-up work the way many humans did once they reached their forties. The frames were black, reminding him of those that had been popular in the sixties. Her long hair was pulled back in a slightly disheveled bun. The jeans and blazer she’d apparently changed into before going back to work hugged her beautiful figure.
She had, as Sheldon would say, a real sexy-librarian thing going on that heated Seth’s blood. The longer he watched her, the more he wanted to touch her, to peel that blazer off, loosen her hair, and—
“Finally,” she announced with a sigh. Closing the file, she removed her glasses and spun the chair around to face him. When she looked at him, her eyebrows flew up. “Hi.”
She studied him for a moment. “Something on your mind?”
Aside from a deep desire to strip her naked?
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I can't wait for you to read their story! 😉
Have a wonderful weekend.



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