Friday, September 8, 2017

Blade of Darkness—Giveaways, Giveaways, & More Giveaways

Hi, all!  I'm back.  And I have lots of Blade of Darkness news for you.  :-)

Mail and package delivery has resumed in my area, but remains sketchy as a result of lingering flooding from Harvey.  I did, however, manage to get the last reviewer packages and contest winner packages in the mail yesterday.  And that little return to normalcy felt very good.  :-)  Now I'll chew my nails until the first reviews start rolling in.  LOL.

My Blade of Darkness Blog Tour has begun and I'm already having fun. :-)  If you haven't heard, there will be excerpts, character interviews, author posts, a Q and A, reviews and more.

There is also a tour-wide giveaway.

1st Prize
$50 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Prize
$25 Amazon Gift Card

3rd Prize
Immortal Guardians Prize Pack
(1 Blade of Darkness tote bag, 1 signed paperback copy of Shadows Strike, 1 signed paperback copy of Night Unbound, 11 bookmarks, 11 trading cards, and 4 postcards)

Here are some tour stops you might have missed:


Character Interview
(Sheldon interviews Aidan and Dana)


Blade of Darkness Dream Cast

Author Post
My Top 5 Favorite Paranormal Romance Authors

You can find the full schedule HERE.  I will also try to update the Blog Tours page here on my blog as often as I can.

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The Cupcakes and Books Scavenger Hunt has begun at Night Owl Reviews! I'm participating, along with 33 other authors. And 128 winners will be awarded an amazing $850 in prizes! It lasts from September 1st through September 22nd. I hope you'll join the fun!

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Blade of Darkness will release in paperback, ebook, and audiobook in only a week and a half.  I hope you'll enter the giveaway I launched to thank readers and audiobook lovers who pre-order a copy.  For audiobook fans who have been looking for it on Audible, it should become available for pre-order there any day now.  When it does, I'll post a link on my website and on social media (Facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest).  And, of course, I'll mention it here in my next Friday post. 

Two randomly selected winners will each receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card.  A third winner will receive a cool Immortal Guardians Prize pack.

Enter to win before September 19th—Release Day—simply by filling out this form.

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AND I'm giving away a signed paperback ARC of Blade of Darkness over on My Facebook Page this weekend. So hop over and enter to win!

A #1 Amazon Best Seller
Special Pre-Order eBook Price — $4.99 (Save $1)
Coming September 19th. Pre-Order Today!

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday! I know some fans of the series have been avoiding all excerpts and sneak peeks as steadfastly as I did Game of Thrones spoilers when I was late viewing the episode that aired during Harvey.  But for those who love sneak peeks (I admit I've always eagerly devoured early snippets provided by my favorite authors) and for those who may be hearing of the book for the first time, I thought I'd give you a little glimpse of the hero and heroine of Blade of Darkness:
“Great,” Dana groused as she stomped into the bathroom with a pile of clothes tucked under one arm. “Don’t worry about the nutcase who’s trying to kill you. Worry about pissing off the great and powerful Oz.” She slammed the door behind her. 
Laughing, Aidan grabbed a couple of katanas. 
The bathroom door eased open enough for Dana to poke her head out. She sent him a rueful smile. “Sorry. The whole I’m not a morning person thing might have been a bit of an understatement.” 
Closing the distance between them, he pressed a quick kiss to her lips. “You’ve gotten very little sleep in the past forty-eight hours. And I think you’re cute when you’re cranky.” 
She laughed. “Then maybe you’re the nutcase.”
Thank you again, everyone who expressed such concern for me and my family and fellow residents while Harvey's floodwaters engulfed most of the city.  Some of you are now in Hurricane Irma's path, and I'm so worried about you.  Please, please, please, stay safe.  I'll be keeping an eye not only on the news, but also on Facebook, looking for updates, hoping you're all okay. 



  1. I absolutely love this series and your writing style. My sister and I wait on pins and needles for the next book in the Immortals series to come out. We read them together and often get into heated discussions on how things worked out. I’ve laughed and cried. Lusted after ( David) and hated some characters you’ve brought to life. This series really brings out strong emotion. With that said, when are you going to complete Cliffs story. My heart hurts every time a new book comes out and he’s still holding on with no cure. Please, please, please don’t kill him off. He’s such a great character and I’d love to see him get a HEA. I’ve read all 10 books and eagerly await the next. Hopefully Cliff can find some happiness?