Friday, July 28, 2017

Blade of Darkness—Favorite Quote Friday

Happy Friday!  Even though yesterday was one of those days that made me wish I could get a do-over, the rest of the week has been both busy and fun.  I finished designing Blade of Darkness swag — Woohoo!! — and ordered it despite a weird glitch that kept emptying my cart every time I added more than one thing to it.  I tried a couple of new swag items this time and can't wait to see whether they work or should be hidden away in a drawer somewhere. LOL.  You'll be the first to know if they work. :-)

For the bloggers out there:  There's still time to sign up for my big Blade of Darkness Blog Tour and Release Day Blast.  There will be a tour-wide giveaway + character interviews, Author Q and As, a Dream Cast, excerpts, Author Posts, reviews, and more.  If you'd like to join the fun, you can do so HERE

Thanks so much, all of you who have already signed up!

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Today I have another sneak peek into the pages of my up-coming release Blade of Darkness for you.  If this is your fist time hearing about it, Aidan is a nearly three-thousand-year-old Celtic immortal who, in this book, endeavors to do the seemingly impossible—he tries to date a mortal woman to whom he is drawn.  A daunting task for someone who hasn't courted a woman in a couple thousand years. :-)  

This particular snippet features Aidan and Dana, the hero and heroine:
“You think I’m a geek now, don’t you?” he jested. 
She relaxed a little more. “No.”  
“First I say fanny. Now this.”
She smiled. “Actually, I thought your fanny was cute.” Her eyes widened. “The fanny,” she corrected hastily. “I thought the fanny was cute. Your saying it, I mean.” 
He winked. “I prefer the first one.” 
She laughed. “I bet you do.” 
Thank you, everyone who has pre-ordered Blade of Darkness.  I know I say this every release, but pre-orders are so important to authors.  I really appreciate it and hope you'll find it a fun read.  :-)  

Have a wonderful weekend!