Friday, October 21, 2016

Rendezvous With Yesterday—Excerpt & News

Happy Friday!  What an exciting week it has been!

Rendezvous With Yesterday, The Gifted Ones Book 2, released on Monday.  Thank you so much, everyone who has celebrated with me, shared my excitement, and helped me spread the word!  :-)  You made Rendezvous With Yesterday a #1 Amazon Bestseller!!  And look what fabulous company it has been keeping on Amazon's Top 100 Time Travel Romance list:

Coming November 1, 2016

Good news, fellow audiobook lovers!  You can now pre-order the Rendezvous With Yesterday Audiobook, narrated by the lovely and talented Kirsten Potter, on Audible.  It's scheduled to release on November 1st.  :-)

Reviews for Robert and Bethany's story are beginning to roll in.  Here are some snippets: 

Heroes and Heartbreakers gave readers a great first look
at Rendezvous With Yesterday.  You can read it here.

My Rendezvous With Yesterday Blog Tour ends soon.  Join me and enter to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card, a $20 Amazon Gift Card, or signed books and swag.  :-)  Here are the latest stops:

October 15

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I'll also be visiting the following stops between now and Monday:

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  I thought I would continue the release week celebration by giving you an exclusive excerpt of Rendezvous With Yesterday you won't see anywhere else.  :-)  It features Robert and Bethany, the hero and heroine.

She laughed ruefully.  “I don’t need a mirror, thank you, and would only grimace if I had one.  I’m not wearing any make-up.  I have scratches all over my face from racing pellmell  through the forest.  And even though I found a comb in my backpack, I know my hair.  If I don’t use tons of mouse and spend half an hour blow-drying it straight, it kinks up as if it’s been freshly permed.”

To demonstrate, she reached up, tugged on a ringlet until it was straight, then let it bounce back into place.

He frowned.  “You have beautiful hair.  Why would you wish to straighten it?”

“Because straight is in.  Straight is sleek.  Straight is sexy.  Straight is sophisticated.  Curly is . . . cute,” she informed him, wrinkling her nose.

He fingered one of the thick curls that rested upon her shoulder.  “You truly dislike your hair?”  He sounded as if he couldn’t believe it.

Her pulse began to race.  “Yes.”  

“’Tis soft,” he murmured, his voice deep and hushed.  “And radiant.  See how it captures the light of the fire?”

Her throat closed up, silencing any self-derisive protest she might have made.  As she watched, mesmerized, the brown lock twined itself around his long, tanned finger like the limbs of a lover.

“It coils itself around me, caressing me, making me your willing prisoner.”  Seizing a larger section of hair, enough to fill his callused palm, he brought it to his face, closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.  “And so fragrant.  The perfume of some flower I cannot name.  Mayhap one of those that defies winter itself and blooms before spring is even full upon us.”

Sighing, he returned the curls to her shoulder as if he had not just enthralled her with his words.

Beth stared at him.  Who are you? she wanted to ask, her heart thudding loudly in her breast.  And are you really the man you appear to be?

Her gaze fell to his lips.

The kind I would just about beg to have wrap his arms around me and kiss me?

The special Release Week Discount ends this weekend, so if you're planning to read the ebook, you might want to pick up a copy today and save $1.  :-)

Thank you again for celebrating the big release with me. And thank you, too, everyone who has emailed me, messaged me, or told me on social media or in reviews how much you enjoyed Robert and Bethany's story.  I'm so very happy to hear it.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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