Friday, May 13, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday #104

Happy Friday the 13th!  Though I shall endeavor to resist, I suspect I will—as usual—be lured into watching another Friday the 13th marathon tonight.  This picture of Jason reminds me of the time I crawled out of a moonlit grave and wielded a machete as big as his in an independent film.

Good times.  Good times.  ;-)

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I have cool news to share.  The prestigious Kirkus Reviews gave Shadows Strike, my latest Immortal Guardians book, a fantastic review:
“This series boasts numerous characters, a deep back story, and extensive worldbuilding. Duvall cleverly uses Heather’s presence as a way to easily introduce new readers to the fictional world, as other characters explain things to her. She’s a capable protagonist, never falling into the tedious role of damsel in distress. Ethan will seem familiar to sci-fi and fantasy fans, as he boasts the glowing charms of Twilight’s Edward Cullen and the vicious durability of the X-Men’s Wolverine . . . A nice entry point to an expansive saga.”
Since Wolverine is my favorite X-Men character, I'm very pleased.  And it was nice to know the reviewer thought this book would be an easy place for new readers to jump into the series.  :-)  You can read the full review HERE.

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Attention Bloggers!  Sign-Ups for my Phantom Embrace Blog Tour will close soon.  There will be Q and As, author posts, excerpts, reviews, spotlights and more + a tour-wide giveaway with three prizes.  If you'd like to join the fun, you can do so HERE.

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I'll be giving away some Immortal Guardians & The Gifted Ones Swag Packs on My Facebook Page this weekend.  The contest will begin today and end Sunday.  I hope you'll hop over and join the fun!  

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday! Since Shadows Strike brought me good news, I thought I would share a quote from it today.  This scene takes place very early in the book and features Ethan and Heather, the hero and heroine.  :-)
“If you aren’t a precog, why did you look so uneasy when I suggested you were different from other humans?” He heard her heart begin to pound as a spark of fear entered her lovely brown eyes. “Do you possess other gifts or abilities?” 
She remained silent. 
“It’s okay, Heather,” he assured her.  “You can tell me.  I’m different, too.” 
Her lips twitched.  “The fangs, glowing eyes, and super speed kinda clued me in to that.” 
Ethan laughed, ignoring the pain that shot through his back. He really liked this woman. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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