Friday, November 13, 2015

Favorite Quote Friday

Happy Friday!  I've been having fun, working on Robert's story—Rendezvous With Yesterday, The Gifted Ones Book 2.  (I can't wait to share it with you!)

I also had such a nice surprise.  Cocktails and Books is having a great month-long event celebrating Indie Authors that includes lots of fun posts and giveaways.  One such post is by Elizabeth from E-Reading After Midnight, who named me one of her Top 5 Indie Authors.  Woohoo!!  This is what she had to say about my Immortal Guardians:

"The sheer imaginative power behind the Immortal Guardians series absolutely blows me away.  Ms. Duvall has created an entire world that blends the paranormal and romance with a twist I've not seen before."

Drop by to see who the other authors in her Top 5 are and enter to win an e-book!  You can find her post HERE.

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Just a reminder:  Night Unbound, Immortal Guardians Book 5, is on sale for just $1.99 in ebook format for a limited time.  That's 75% off!  If this is your first time hearing about the series, don't worry.  All of my books can be read as stand-alones.  You'll just be more familiar with the secondary characters if you read the series in order.  :-) 

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I also thought I would remind you to pop over to my Facebook page and join the fun.  This week we chatted about everything from Orlando Bloom as Robert in my The Gifted Ones Dream Cast to "Dali Atomicus" and cat surfing to hilarious ways dogs can invade your personal space.  So you never know what topic we'll tackle next.  :-)

AND I have a giveaway almost every week.  If you do join us, be sure to "Like" my page and—in the "Liked" menu—tell Facebook to notify you of my posts under "Get Notifications" or to see them in your feed under "Posts in News Feed," otherwise there's a good chance Facebook's algorithm will keep you from seeing them.  And I don't want you to miss out on any giveaways.  ;-)

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  I heard the best things from readers this week about A Sorceress of His Own, The Gifted Ones Book 1.  Hearing that readers enjoyed it (it even made one reader's Top 5 Books Ever list) and that they're looking forward to Robert's story means so much to me.  I'm SO excited about Robert's story and can't wait to start posting sneak peeks and quotes from it.  

Until then, here is a quote from A Sorceress of His Own that features Lord Dillon and Alyssa—the hero and heroine:
“Good journey, love.” 
Her gaze roaming his face, Alyssa pulled her hood forward once more and left to retrieve her things.  Soon after, she joined Simon and the others assigned to protect her.   
The thunder of hooves accompanied their departure as mud splattered in their wake. 
Left behind in the crowded bailey, Dillon had never felt so alone.
Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!                                                              

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