Friday, October 23, 2015

Favorite Quote Friday

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  We've been having fun over on Facebook, imagining my Immortal Guardians dressed up in Halloween costumes.  :-)

And, speaking of Halloween . . . Are you looking for some good books to put you in the Halloween spirit? Well, Barnes and Noble is running a cool Halloween promotion, recommending horror, sci-fi/fantasy, and kids and teens books, some of which are discounted up to 70%.  I was thrilled to see that they've included one of my latest releases, A Sorceress of His Own.  :-)

A USA Today Bestseller
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Feared and reviled as a sorceress, Alyssa must conceal her youth and the love she harbors for the fierce Earl of Westcott beneath umbral robes.  All is revealed, however, and passion soon flares when an enemy threatens Dillon's life and Alyssa sacrifices everything to save him.

You can find the Halloween Promotion HERE.

Fantastic reviews continue to roll in for Shadows Strike.  Night Owl Reviews has deemed it a Top Pick!  Here's a snippet from their review:

You can read the full review HERE.

Shadows Strike also received a great 5-star review from Read What I Like.  Here's a snippet:

You can read the full review HERE.

A USA Today Bestseller
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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Étienne and Krysta have been on my mind a lot this week.  :-)  Instead of contemplating my Immortal Guardians dream cast, I found myself thinking how much I would love for Michael Bay to produce and direct if my Immortal Guardians books were made into movies or a TV series.  And the first scene that came to mind as I imagined it was the big climactic battle scene in Darkness Rises.  So, for today's selection, I thought I would share a brief snippet of it:
The helicopter began to move away, strafing the yard with machine gun fire. 
Krysta veered toward a Humvee, jumped onto the hood and, without slowing, leaped into the air. 
Étienne nearly dropped dead of a f***ing heart attack as he watched her fly through the air and dive through a side door, tackling one of the door gunners.
I love that scene.  :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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