Friday, November 14, 2014

Favorite Quote Friday #152

Happy Friday!  I have a lot of exciting news to share with you today!

First:  I finished the first draft of Immortal Guardians Book 6.  Woohoo!!  It will feature Ethan as hero and will be entitled Shadows Strike.  I also finished the first draft of an Immortal Guardians novella that will appear in the On the Hunt anthology, alongside stories by Alexandra Ivy, Rebecca Zanetti, and Hannah Jayne.  The title of my novella will be "Phantom Embrace."  I'm not ready to say who the hero and heroine of that one is yet.  ;-)

Now . . . I begin editing.  I actually like this part, though I know some authors abhor it.  I enjoy reading back through manuscripts for the first time.  There's always something in there that I forgot I wrote.  :-D  Shadows Strike came in long (most of my manuscripts do), so I'm going to try to cut about 30 pages before submitting it.  That's always a challenge.  But I think I cut 30 pages from Night Unbound, too, so I know I can do it.  :-)

And speaking of Night Unbound . . .

Awesome news!  Night Unbound has been nominated for Paranormal Cravings' Readers Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance 2014!!  If you enjoyed Zach and Lisette's story and have a minute, I'd love it if you'd vote.  You can do so HERE.  A huge thank you to those of you who have already voted.  It means so much to me!!

Looks like there's still time to vote in BTS Book Reviews' Red Carpet Awards as well.  Darkness Rises has been nominated for Best Paranormal Romance.  Again, a huge thank you to all of you who have already voted!  I appreciate your support so much!!  If you haven't voted and would like to, you can do so HERE.  There are eight categories in this one.  :-)

I also passed the 7, 000 Likes mark on my Facebook Page.  Yay!  I'll likely celebrate with a giveaway later today or this weekend, so drop by and enter for a chance to WIN!  

While you're there, you may want to click on "Get Notifications" in the "Like" menu.  Facebook has been steadily reducing the number of fans who can see posts from the pages they've liked.  According to the latest numbers I've read, posts on most pages reach less than 5% of the people who have liked the page unless the page owner pays to promote every post (something most page owners can't afford to do).  I don't want you to miss out on giveaways and sneak peeks and some of the other fun stuff that goes on over there.  And, from what I understand, selecting "Get Notifications" will help us stay connected and enable you to keep seeing my posts.  :-)

Rave reviews for Night Unbound are still rolling in.  Here are some snippets from two of the latest.  :-)

Rating:  A+

"When I want to read about an Alpha hero that will do anything for his heroine...Zach is the kind of character I'm thinking about. Wow...I loved him!"

"Everything about this book was so freaking good. I highly recommend both the series and this book. I think you could probably read this book if you haven't read the rest of the series, but I think you should read them all. It's truly one of the best paranormal series out there!"

You can read the full review HERE.

Rating:  5 Bites

"I love this series. I mean, I really do. For realz! I have said it before and I’ll say it again and not give a f*** that I’m repeating myself, it has everything I love in a book. Humor, paranormal elements, sexy steaminess, action, multiple POVs, twisty plot, sexy steaminess (did I say that already?), a wonderful cast of characters and a great world."

This reviewer also provided some of her favorite quotes from the book.  :-)  You can read the full review HERE.

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Today I thought I'd give you another quote from Night Unbound, Immortal Guardians Book 5.  This one features Lisette (the heroine) and Tracy (Lisette's Second or human guard).  The words in italics are spoken telepathically.
Lisette wrapped an arm around Tracy’s shoulders as they followed the others to the long dining table.  I can’t believe you did that.  
Tracy sighed and leaned into her.  How red is my face?  
Remember that big baboon butt we saw on the news a few weeks ago?

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!



  1. I'm in love and obssessed with this series. Night unbound just made me love it more..... But why kill Yuri and Stan???

    1. So glad you enjoyed NIGHT UNBOUND!! As for Yuri and Stan, that's just how the story came to me. But don't worry. You'll see Yuri again in "Phantom Embrace," my novella in the ON THE HUNT anthology that will be released in August 2015. :-)