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Favorite Quote Friday #138

Happy Friday!

September 2nd

Exciting news!  RT Book Reviews gave Night Unbound an absolutely fabulous review!  Here's a snippet:

4.5 stars
"In this latest exceptional chapter . . . the war the Guardians are fighting continues to get more complicated as unknown forces are changing the battle lines.  Book after book, Duvall brings her readers complex, fascinating tales of romance, danger and loyalty."
—RT Book Reviews

I'm so thrilled!  And some of the blogger/reviewers I sent ARCs have already contacted me and told me they loved it!  A contest winner on my Street Team, did, too.  Yay!!!  Whew!  I always get so nervous as a book release approaches.  LOL.  If you haven't pre-ordered your copy yet, here are the buy links so far (I'm still waiting for the Audible link to become available):  

Amazon • Kindle • Barnes and Noble • Nook • iBooks • Kobo • BAM!

Pre-orders are SO very important to authors.  They increase the attention a book receives, hopefully tempting new readers into giving the series a try and, at the same time, increase the book's chances of hitting the bestseller lists when it is released, so I hope you'll consider it.  :-)  If you do pre-order Night Unbound, hang on to your confirmation email, because I have a BIG contest coming up in September!  (Don't panic if you deleted it!  A screenshot of the order in your order history will work fine, too.)  :-)

While you're waiting for your copy of Night Unbound to be instantly downloaded to your device or delivered to your home on September 2nd, you can enter to win an ARC of it!

Kensington is giving away 50 ARCs of Night Unbound on Goodreads.  The contest is open to entrants in the US and Canada and lasts through July 31st.   You can enter HERE.

I'm also giving away an ARC of Night Unbound myself, along with Immortal Guardians swag, in the Summer Reads Blog Hop.  This giveaway is international!  You can also enter to win one of two grand prizes:  a $100 Amazon Gift Card and a $30 Amazon Gift Card.  The hop lasts through July 23rd, so hop on over and join the fun!  You can see my post HERE.

Romance Writers of America just launched a great free app for readers called Novel Engagement.  Here's their pitch:

Finding a romance novel to read is easier than ever with the Novel Engagement app.  Novel Engagement is a book discovery app, focused exclusively on romance novels, that helps readers discover new romance novels and connect with authors.

You can find me and my books on there and many other authors, too.  You can read excerpts and listen to audio samples and watch videos.  It's awesome.  You can learn more and find free download links HERE.

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  In honor of the awesome review it just received, I thought I would delve into the pages of Night Unbound today and provide you with another sneak peek.  This particular quote will give you a chance to see Zach, the hero, in action:
The vampires shuffled to a halt. 
"Who the f*** are you?" one demanded, either too insane or too stupid to be afraid. 
Zach smiled.  "It doesn't really matter.  You won't live long enough to tell anyone."   
Drawing katanas, he shot forward. 
Lisette gasped as he tore through the vampires like a tornado. 
Holy sh**, he's fast! Richart thought and took a step forward, his fascinated gaze glued to the tempest below. 
It didn't take long. 
Zach stilled in the center of the pack, knees bent, blades dripping, face marbled with blood.  Seven vampires sank lifelessly to the ground, their bodies spread around him like the petals of a flower, as the virus went to work and they began to shrivel up like mummies.
Ahh, Zach.  How quickly you became a favorite.  :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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