Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Blog Hop

Easter Blog Hop

Welcome to the Easter Blog Hop, sponsored by Mina Carter and Milly Taiden!  There's a giveaway at every stop!  AND the overall hop has two grand prizes:  a digital romance set plus $50 Amazon gift certificate OR a Kindle HD Fire!

For my own prize, I've chosen to give away a signed copy of Darkness Rises, Immortal Guardians Book 4, + swag.  Love paranormal romance that's dark and intense with humor thrown in?  Want to see vampires returned to their evil roots and watch strong heroines fall in love with the powerful immortal warriors who hunt them?  That's what you'll find between the pages of Darkness Rises!

Here's a brief excerpt:

RT Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Vampire Romance Nominee

He bowed as she turned and entered her bedroom.  He expected her to close and lock her door, not that it could keep him out. 

Instead, she drew back the covers and climbed into bed.

Étienne turned off the overhead light and attempted to stretch out on the futon.  His feet and most of his calves hung over the arm.  One of the metal bars beneath the cushions dug into his back.

He sighed.  He could always wait until Krysta drifted off, then sleep on the floor.  That would probably be the more comfortable solution.

He heard bedding rustle and closed his eyes, trying not to picture Krysta sprawled across the covers under other, less appropriate circumstances.

She laughed.

Opening his eyes, he glanced at the doorway.

She was leaning over in bed peeking at him.  "Comfortable?"

"Yes, thank you."

She shook her head.  "You're lying."

"With good intentions."

Still grinning, she waved him toward her.  "Go ahead and come sleep in here with me."

His body went rock hard at the notion even though he knew damned well she didn't mean it the way he wanted her to mean it.

"I . . ." want to rip your clothes off with my teeth, so I don't think it would be a good idea.  "That's very kind of you, but . . ."  I really do want to rip your clothes off with my teeth and explore every inch of your beautiful body.  "I'm fine."

"Your legs are hanging off the end by a good foot and a half and I can't even sleep on that lumpy piece of crap when I'm drunk."

He smiled.  "I've slept on worse surfaces."

"Have you ever slept in a coffin?"

"Yes, but only as a practical joke."

"What about in a crypt?"

"More than once when it took me longer than expected to track down a nasty vampire and I couldn't find any other shelter before the sun rose."

"Was the crypt more comfortable than my futon?"

He grinned.  "Hands down."

Again she laughed.  "Then get in here.  We're adults.  We can do this."

He couldn't find the strength to refuse.  "Merci."  Rising, he strode into her room and circled the bed.  "I'm surprised you trust me enough to sleep beside me."

"To be honest, I am, too.  You really aren't going to bite me?"

"No."  He settled beside her on top of the covers.

"Any plans to cop a feel?"

Her scent enveloped him as he turned his head to stare at her.  "Would you mind if I did?"

"I'm still considering that one."

Yes.  This was definitely a bad idea.

"What is it about you that makes me want to forget what you are," she asked softly, "that makes me believe you are what you are and not one of the vampires I hate so much?"

"I don't know.  Perhaps the same thing about you that makes me want to believe you won't drive a stake through my heart or chop off my head as soon as I doze off."

Curling onto her side to face him, she raised one hand and drew delicate fingers down his cheek as her gaze roved his face.  "Truce?"


"Good night, Étienne."

Heart racing, he clasped her fingers and brought them to his lips.  "Good night, Krysta."

She fell asleep holding this hand.


Grand Prize
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My Prize
A signed copy of Darkness Rises + a Night Unbound cover flat and Immortal Guardians swag.


The Easter Blog Hop runs from April 21st, 12:01am EST through April 27th, 11:59pm EST.  My giveaway is international.

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