Friday, September 20, 2013

Favorite Quote Friday #100

Happy Friday!  I have so much news to share with you!  And what a perfect day to share it — my 100th Favorite Quote Friday post.  :-)

Tantor Audio revealed the Darkness Rises Audiobook cover!  Woohoo!  What do you think?  He looks like an Étienne to me.  ;-)  It's available for pre-order, and you can listen to an audio sample on Amazon or on Tantor Audio.

Thank you, everyone who joined me for the  Sultry Summer Reads Blog Hop!  The winner of my prizes are:

Vanessa N. — Darkness Rises ARC + swag
Amandan A. — Darkness Rises ARC + swag
Kim C. — Immortal Guardians swag pack

All three winners have been notified, and their packages are in the mail!  A list of all the daily and grand prize winners can be found HERE.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has taken advantage of the current Darkness Dawns sale and purchased a copy, for yourself or for a friend.  And thank you so much for helping me spread the word!  

Darkness Dawns hit #11 on the Barnes and Noble Top 100 Bestselling NOOK Books list and #38 on the Amazon Top 100 Kindle Bestsellers List!  It also hit #5 on the Kobo Paranormal Romance list.  My author rank rose, too.  :-)

It's been a very exciting week.  :-)

Just a reminder:  The sale is still going on and will continue through September 24th.  Here are the links:
Kindle  •  Nook  •  Kobo

Also, if you're a blogger and are interested in participating in the Darkness Rises Release Day Blitz Author's Taproom is planning for me, you can learn more HERE.

And, finally, it's time for my 100th Favorite Quote Friday!  My mind, of course, has been consumed with the upcoming release of Darkness Rises on October 1st.  Less than two weeks to go!!!  So today I thought I would give you an excerpt that features Étienne (the hero) and Krysta (the heroine):

“You can stay with me,” Étienne suggested.  “You’ll be accompanying me to the meeting tonight anyway, so . . .”

She raised her eyebrows.  “I will?”

He grimaced.  “I’m afraid so.  Seth has asked that you be there.  And no one gainsays Seth.”

“Is he that much more powerful than the rest of you?”

“Absolutely.  I’m a babe compared to him.”

Yes, he was a babe.  A total babe.  But not the way he meant it.

He grinned.

Krysta frowned.  “Damn it!  Stop reading my thoughts!”

Étienne shrugged.  “I was just peeking to see how you were taking all of this.”

“Not well,” she admitted.

“Would you take it better if I told you I think you’re a total babe, too?”

“A little bit.”

He laughed and, wrapping an arm around her, drew her close for a hug.

Krysta looped her arms around his waist, surprised by how natural it felt.

“Every day you amaze me more,” he murmured.  And she could have sworn he brushed a kiss across the top of her head.

“Every day you confuse me more,” she countered.

“It will all become clear soon.”

I hope you'll enjoy reading Étienne and Krysta's story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. WTG Dianne! Happy to see you higher on author list. About time they started to appreciate a good writer. ~ Alice Danieli

  2. I love Étienne!:))So looking forward his book!*g*But Bastien is still my absolute favorite!:)