Friday, June 14, 2013

Favorite Quote Friday #86

Happy Friday!  What a busy, busy week!  Among other things, I put together and mailed packages to blog tour contest winners.  I did some updating on my website.  I bought a new software to use to design more Immortal Guardians swag.  (Don't you hate having to take the time to learn a new way of doing things when you change softwares?)  I held a contest on my facebook page when I passed the 4,500 Likes mark and will soon hold another when I pass 4,750.  And I got some good writing time in on Immortal Guardians Book 5.  :-)

Have I mentioned that the Darkness Rises Audiobook is now available for pre-order?  It is scheduled to be released by Tantor Audio on October 1, 2013 and will be narrated by Kirsten Potter, who also narrated the first three audiobooks in my series.  Yay!
In case you missed it, the Bad Boys of Romance Hop is well underway!  It will last through June 17th, so there's still time to enter both the individual contests participating authors and bloggers are holding as well as the grand prize contest.  You have two chances of winning Immortal Guardians goodies.  You can enter to win a signed copy of Phantom Shadows, which features the leading bad boy in my series — Bastien, plus Immortal Guardians swag.  And you can enter the grand prize drawing, which will award one lucky winner a kindle and lots of great ebooks, including a kindle copy of Darkness Dawns.  You can learn more and/or enter both HERE.

I also wanted to mention that I'll be visiting Tote Bags 'n' Blogs on June 19th.  Stop by to learn more about my Immortal Guardians family — the father figures, the grumpy uncle, the heartbreaker, the black sheep — and enter to win a signed copy of Predatory + Immortal Guardians swag.  :-)

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  For today's selection, I thought I would choose a quote from my latest release, Predatory, an anthology that contains my Immortal Guardians novella In Still Darkness.  Those of you who are familiar with my series know that the vampires readers will find in it range from totally psychotic monsters who will snap at the drop of a hat to a handful of good guys who —infected with the vampiric virus — are clinging tooth and nail to every last ounce of sanity they possess.  So you just never know what a vampire might say.  In my novella In Still Darkness, a certain vampire says something that inspires the following thought in Jenna, the heroine:

Well, damn.  He made it sound like he was afraid she'd give him the clap or something.

:-)  Have a wonderful weekend!