Friday, March 22, 2013

Favorite Quote Friday #74

Happy Friday!  I have some news to share with you.

Phantom Shadows has been nominated for Best Book of 2012 — Paranormal Romance by The Romance Reviews.  Voting is already underway and will continue until March 31st.  There are many categories.  You can vote for your favorites here.

I'm also currently planning a blog tour to celebrate and promote the release of Predatory (May 7th), which contains Richart's novella In Still Darkness.  There will be a giveaway at every stop.  :-)  If you have a blog and are interested in participating, email me at dianne [at] dianneduvall [dot] com with Blog Tour in the subject line.

I also added some new cover art to my Youtube channel.  I think you have to view it on TV to see the whole image, so — for those who don't surf the internet on TV — I thought I would post it here.  ;-)

I also thought I would mention I'm giving away Immortal Guardians goodies every time I gain 250 Likes on my facebook page.  I'll soon be giving away a signed ARC of Predatory + swag, so hop on over, like my page, and stay tuned.  :-)  If you've already liked my facebook page, but have stopped seeing my posts in your news feed, try unliking and liking it again.  I changed the address to make it easier to remember and that may have caused a glitch or two.  Good luck!

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  I thought today I would focus on vampires.  For those who are new to my Immortal Guardians series, vampires aren't the good guys in it.  Vampires are humans who have been infected with a virus that — while lending them incredible strength, speed, and more — causes brain damage that rapidly drives them insane.  The longer they've been infected, the more psychotic they become; and you'll see them in all stages in the series.  In Night Reigns, readers are introduced to a vampire by the name of Eddie Kapansky.  In today's narrative quote, Eddie finds himself in the unenviable position of being hunted by the hero, Marcus:

Fog formed in front of him as his breath whooshed out like air from a bellows.  If he hadn't been too dense to comprehend the irony, he might have appreciated that of humans' assuming vampires' hearts didn't beat when his was doing its damnedest to burst from his chest.

Closing his slack mouth, he quieted his gasps as much as he could, peered into the darkness around him, and listened.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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