Friday, September 28, 2012

Favorite Quote Friday #52

Happy Friday!  Only a few days left until the release of Phantom Shadows!  Tuesday is the big day!  I know I've said it before, but I'm so excited!!!!  

My Phantom Shadows Blog Tour officially begins on Monday and will include character interviews, guest posts, author interviews, reviews, and MANY contests and giveaways.  You can find a schedule HERE.  I'll add links (specific links if I have them, general if I don't) this weekend.

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday.  Since the big release day is next week – October 2nd to be exact – I thought I would give you another teaser from Phantom Shadows that features Bastien and Melanie, the hero and heroine:

“I like you, Sebastien.”

“I don’t know why,” he murmured.

“I see what the others don’t.”

Once more, he found himself at a loss for words, because the desperation with which he wanted her to see something good in him – something he could never seem to find himself – was terrifying.

Saturday, October 29th

I've written a special Immortal Guardians scene for Literary Escapism's School's In celebration.  I thought it would be fun to see what would happen if a certain someone in the Immortal Guardians family received an invitation to a high school reunion.  :-)  Find out on Saturday, October 29th, and enter to win your choice of a signed copy of Darkness Dawns or Night Reigns plus Immortal Guardians swag.  

Thank you so much, everyone who has entered my Phantom Shadows Trailer 3 contest!  If you haven't entered and would like to win a signed copy of  Phantom Shadows + Immortal Guardians swag, the contest ends tomorrow at midnight EST.  You can view the trailer and find the details HERE.

Coming Soon – Win 1 of 3 Kindles
I'll be celebrating the release of Phantom Shadows, Book 3 in my Immortal Guardians series, by giving away 3 Kindles.  The contest officially begins on Monday.  Details will be posted here and on my website.  :-)

Thanks so much for joining me!  Have a fantastic weekend!


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