Friday, July 27, 2012

Favorite Quote Friday #43

Happy Friday!  I had a very good week and hope you did, too.  I finished the first draft of In Still Darkness, the Immortal Guardians novella I'm writing for the Predatory anthology.  And I've been having such a great time touching base and catching up with the wonderful bloggers/reviewers I met on previous blog tours while I organize my October Phantom Shadows Blog Tour. :-)

Dianne Duvall's Street Team

Thank you, everyone who has joined my Street Team!  You all are awesome!  :-)  If this is your first time hearing about it and you'd like to join, too, or learn more about it, head over to the Dianne Duvall's Street Team facebook page or contact Carla:  PA2dianneduvall [at] yahoo [dot] com

Night Reigns
It's time again for Favorite Quote Friday!  Today's selection is a narrative quote taken from Night Reigns, the second book in my Immortal Guardians series:

The trees in front of him exploded outward. Branches, leaves, and particles of wood flew like sawdust in every direction as dark figures with glowing eyes lunged toward their target.

Have a great weekend!


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