Friday, May 13, 2011

Night Reigns - Deleted Scene

Hi, all!  While contemplating possible blog post subjects, I recalled some of my follower friends mentioning that they would like to see some deleted scenes.  I always like these, both as a reader and a writer.  The reader in me loves the opportunity to see more of my favorite characters, even if it's only a tiny glimpse.  The writer in me is always curious to see what didn't make the cut and why.  So, I thought I would offer up a scene I deleted from Night Reigns.

Actually, it's more like a snippet of a scene.  I didn't cut this section because I thought it was poorly written or anything like that.  I actually like it, in part because I like Roland and Sarah (the hero and heroine of Darkness Dawns) so much and enjoyed being inside Roland's head again.  I edited it out for two reasons:
  • Length.  Most publishers prefer that manuscripts be no longer than 100,000 words.  The first draft of Night Reigns was about 14,000 words longer than that, so I needed to pare it down.  (I never did manage to get it down to 100,000, but came close enough.)
  • Pacing.  This is a big battle scene.  I won't tell you anything more than that because I don't want to spoil it, but I thought it went on just a little too long and caused the pacing to drag a bit.  Deleting this brief section kept the scene fast-paced and left the focus on the hero and heroine.
I should probably warn those who are unfamiliar with my writing or who are new to paranormal romance in general that the scene depicts violence.

And, without further ado, I present to you a deleted scene from Night Reigns:

Roland Warbrook’s clothing was saturated with the blood of his enemies when his wife burst from the trees across from him.

Fear trickled through him as she dove right in, plunging into a pack of vampires so thick it would rival the crowd of any rave.  Her pretty hazel eyes glowed green as she fought, a first amongst immortals. 

She was so small, only five feet tall.  Next to her opponents, she appeared wispy and delicate.  Yet, even as he watched, bodies began to drop all around her.

A bark of laughter escaped Roland as her taunts reached his ears.  Amazing.

Pride swelled his chest . . . until a vamp’s switchblade nearly punctured a lung.

Richart appeared behind the vamp and cut his throat.  “Stop drooling and pay attention!” he snapped, then vanished.

Grimacing over the lapse (and having it brought to his attention by a much younger immortal), Roland did as ordered.
So?  What did you think?  Did it whet your appetite for Night Reigns?  Did you enjoy seeing Roland and Sarah again?  If you haven't read Darkness Dawns, are you curious now about its hero and heroine?  I welcome any and all comments.

Have a great weekend!



  1. I can hardly wait till the next book comes out especially after reading the deleted scene

  2. I love it! R & S are one of my favorite fictional couples and I was smiling to just reading about R's pride in his wife. Can't wait to read the whole thing.

  3. OMG, loved it! You made my day! =)I'm so glad to see Roland and Sarah in here too.

  4. I love the "behind the scenes" snippets you've given us! I can't wait for NR to come out!

  5. Yes, and Hell yes! I loved Darkness Dawns and can't wait for more in Night Reigns. I wish you didn't have to cut anything out but I understand.

  6. Can't wait for Night Reigns, can't remember how I happened upon Darkness Dawns but so glad I did, it was awesome!!

  7. I am almost through Darkness Dawns right now and was wondering if there would be a continuation; I adore Roland and Sarah and am very happy to see you will have them reappearing in another book!

  8. Marcy: Glad you liked it! I hope you enjoy Night Reigns!

    Collins: Yay! I'm so glad you like Roland and Sarah. They play strong roles as secondary characters in Night Reigns. I just couldn't bare to let them go after Darkness Dawns. :-)

    Crystal ♥: *big wave* Hi, Crystal! I'm so glad you liked it!

    SalemRose: Glad you enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy Night Reigns!

    Carrie: I wish I didn't have to cut anything either. I'm a lifelong member of the as-long-as-it-entertains-me-I-don't-care-how-long-the-book-is society. Same thing goes for movies. Which is why Stephen King is one of my all-time favorite authors. :-)

    Anonymous: I'm so glad you found Darkness Dawns and enjoyed it!

    Diane: Happy to hear you're enjoying Darkness Dawns!