Friday, April 29, 2011

Contest, Auction, and Edits

Woohoo!  It's Friday!  I am SO looking forward to the weekend!  I have a variety of news for you.

First, I'm In the Author Spotlight this week over at Ann Lory's Blog Bites, where I'm giving away a signed copy of Darkness Dawns.  Drop by Blog Bites and tell me what special gift or ability you would like to possess for a chance to win.  I'll choose a winner at the beginning of next week.

Second, I finished the Night Reigns edits my editor requested.  I can't remember if I told you, but I only needed to change a word here and a sentence there, so I was very pleased.  And my editor was happy with the results.  Yay!  I also enjoyed reading through the story again.  I really like Marcus.  I'm glad he's getting his HEA.  It's funny.  While I was pursuing publication, I thought my worries would end once I signed that first contract.  Then I signed the contract and worried like crazy about the release, hope-hope-hoping readers would like it.  So I thought, if readers liked Darkness Dawns, then my worries would really be over.  Well, I'm thrilled with the responses readers have had to Darkness Dawns, so much so that words just don't convey it.  And yet . . . my worries aren't over, because now I'm figuratively chewing my nails (that's actually one bad habit I don't have), waiting to see if readers will like Night Reigns as much as they liked Darkness Dawns.  :-)  I'm guessing I'll be stricken with several bouts of insomnia between now and December.

Third, I sent all of the information requested for Brenda Novak's Annual Auction for the Cure of Diabetes.  Here's the picture I took for it:

You can find my listing -- an autographed copy of Darkness Dawns, an autographed cover flat, and a mini-bookmark -- here and other listings here.   Pass the word along.  It's for a good cause and I'm very honored to have been asked to participate.  Bidding begins in a couple of days.  I plan to bid on some items myself.  :-)

That's it for now.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. If I could have a special gift I think I would choose to be able to read minds.. I think that gift would come in handy.. I think it would be a very intersting gift to have to have.. To be able to read people would be great in this world..

    Carolyn Mays

  2. Hi, Carolyn! So true. With telepathy, you'd never again have to guess what people were thinking, if they were being honest, etc. Telepathy leads to some interesting unspoken conversations amongst my Immortal Guardians. :-)