Friday, November 19, 2010

Cover Flats

Everyone who posted a comment on yesterday's post (here or on Facebook) is welcome to a Darkness Dawns cover flat.  Just email me (see my profile) your snail mail address by Monday and I'll send you one.  If you'd like it signed, please let me know whether you'd like me to sign it on the front or the back. 

Thank you again for visiting The Immortal Realm and for your input!  I hope to see you again soon!


  1. Thanks so much Dianne, look forward to your book when it comes out. I have put it on my wish list.
    Sent the email, hope you got it.

  2. I got it, Nat! Thanks! I hope you like both the cover flat and the book when it comes out!

  3. Thanks for that, Diane. I'd love one, but I live in the UK and I highly doubt it'd make it across the ocean in one piece. Well, it might, but once Royal Mail get their hands on it, all bets are off! I just wanted answer your question. :-)

  4. thanks Dianne...just what I need for the cold winters in Canada some hot alpha males to curl up to....even it is just reading.