Friday, May 10, 2013

Favorite Quote Friday #81

Happy Friday!  What a week!

Predatory was released Tuesday (Woohoo!) and is now available in paperback and ebook format.  I'm excited to say it hit Barnes and Noble's Top 100 Nook Book list.  :-)  The audio book will be released on May 15th.

Reviews are steadily rolling in, and I'm so thrilled by the responses my Immortal Guardians novella "In Still Darkness" is getting.

Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales & Fantasy gave Predatory a fantastic review.  :-)

"Any of these stories are worth the price of the book all four together make it a steal. Check it out and take a bite out of your PNR hunger pains."

Here's what she said about "In Still Darkness":

"I will admit, I got this book for this story and was thrilled that Ms. Duvall told it so wonderfully. Dianne Duvall continues her Immortal Guardians series with this wonderful story. Telling us just what Richart has been up to and why he keeps disappearing. It has been mentioned a few times in the previous books and Ms Duvall does an excellent job of telling his story . . ."

J9 at The Book Vixen said she would "recommend paranormal romance fans buy this one."  She then thrilled me by adding:

"I *adored* Duvall’s story, In Still Darkness. It’s rare that a love story I’ve been waiting for lives up to its hype but this totally did. Richart is the Immortal who can teleport and he was involved in a secret love affair with a human in the first three books in the series and we finally get to see his love interest, Jenna . . .  Jenna’s son plays a charming and believable character and the Immortal Guardians I’ve come to adore in the series have short roles here too which rounds out a perfect story."

Books and Things gave Predatory a great review, too, and deemed it:

"an entertaining book. Great for introductions to other PNR worlds which is what I think this book was all about. It pulled it off nicely."

Here's what she said about "In Still Darkness":

"I love this world and the stories and this one was just so much fun going back to that world and learning about another character."
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It's time again for Favorite Quote Friday!  Since Predatory was released this week, I thought I'd offer up another quote from "In Still Darkness."  Today's selection is a narrative quote told from Jenna's point of view during a romantic dinner for two:

He winked.

Her pulse jumped.

The front door rattled as a key slipped in and unlocked it.

Aaaaaaand the moment’s over, she thought as her son opened the door and entered.

Thank you all for making this week so awesome!

Have a great weekend!


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