Friday, January 21, 2011

Catching Up

 Hi, Everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  A lot has been happening lately.  Darkness Dawns, the first book in my Immortal Guardians series, will be released on February 1st.  I can't wait!  To celebrate, I have planned a Blog Tour that will include numerous contests and giveaways.  Click here or follow the link at the top of the page to view the schedule.  I'll post the schedule on my webpage as well this weekend.   

Also, the reviews are rolling in.  Here's a sample of what reviewers are saying about Darkness Dawns:

 "This is a strong start in what looks to be a thrilling and chilling
new paranormal series.  Fantastic!"

"Darkness Dawns is a stellar debut for author Dianne Duvall 
and her Immortal Guardians series! It’s been a while since a novel 
has kept me up all night because I just could not set it down!"

 "Darkness Dawns is extremely addictive from start to finish;
I had to read this in one sitting."

 "I love it when a book surprises me by being really, really, really good.   
DARKNESS DAWNS is deeply romantic, daringly sensual, 
with dark paranormal characters that make it nearly impossible to put down."

"Filled with sexy men and plenty of action, Darkness Dawns kept me 
turning the pages well past my bedtime. This debut novel from Dianne 
Duvall was a thrilling read. She's definitely one author to watch."

I'll post more reviews soon.  I'll also tweet them as I'm now on Twitter.  Don't forget to check back and join me on my Blog Tour!  An even bigger contest is brewing as well.  I'll let you know the details soon!  

I hope you all have a great weekend!