Friday, November 25, 2016

Thank You, a Sale, and an Excerpt of Rendezvous with Yesterday

Happy Friday!  I hope all of you here in the United States who celebrated had a Happy Thanksgiving.  πŸ˜Š  My friends on Facebook have been sharing what they're thankful for.  At the risk of sounding mushy, I wanted to tell you that—in addition to family and friends—I'm thankful for you, my readers.  Because of you, I'm able to work from home doing something I truly love to do—put pen to paper and breathe life into the stories that are always dancing through my head.  

I'm so thankful for the support you offered when I left traditional publishing and went indie last year.  That was a very big step for me.  And, considering how long and hard I worked to break into the traditional publishing industry, it was a little bit scary, too.  But you were there, cheering me on every step of the way.  

I wish you knew how often you've made me smile on tough days and how often you've made good days absolutely fantastic simply by mentioning you enjoyed my latest release or were looking forward to the next one, or told me you were laughing with your sister the other day over something Bastien said or Zach did in this or that book.  (The bad boys seem to be particularly popular.  πŸ˜€)  Thank you for every message, email, comment, review, shared joke, shared picture, and everything else you've done to spark a smile.  Don't ever think I take it for granted.

I know a LOT of people are going to be out shopping today, taking advantage of the great sales and Black Friday deals, so I thought I'd offer a reminder that tomorrow is Small Business Saturday.  I believe the slogan is Think Big and Shop Small to support small businesses.

Did you . . . by any chance . . . know that self-published authors are small business owners?  (So subtle, I know.)  Because we publish the books ourselves, we're both authors AND publishers.  (That's right.  I'm a publisher now.  Isn't that cool?)  So I hope you'll keep indie authors in mind while you're making lists and buying gifts.  I have always been a voracious reader, so I admit books are my number one favorite gift to give, regardless of the recipient's age.  When you give a Kindle book as a gift, you can decide the delivery date and everything, so you can buy the ebook now and have it delivered on any day you choose.  I think you can do the same at other retailers, but am not sure because I'm not as familiar with them.  And I just so happen to have two lovely self-published titles:

A Sorceress of His Own
The Gifted Ones Book 1
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Rendezvous with Yesterday
The Gifted Ones Book 2
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I'll be doing some shopping of my own this weekend, but won't brave the crowds to do it.  I intend to stay nice and comfy at home and use ye old computer to make my purchases.  πŸ˜€   

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If you're new to my books and would like to give paranormal romance with lots of action, romance, and comedy a try, my traditionally published Immortal Guardians books are all on sale for a limited time.  I think the novels usually run in the $5.99—$6.99 price range, so this is quite a deal.  I hope you'll enjoy them!

It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  For those who are stuck standing in long lines this weekend, I thought I'd share an excerpt of my latest release Rendezvous with Yesterday, a time travel romance in which bounty hunter Bethany Bennett travels back in time to the Middle Ages, to entertain you:

“I can’t bathe with you here,” she protested.

“I will not watch you, Beth,” he informed her patiently.  Though the temptation would be great, he felt confident he could resist it.

“Then go wait for me at the campsite.  I can find my way back.”

“I cannot leave you unprotected.”

“Have you forgotten this?”  Reaching down to her ankle, she removed the smallest of her weapons from her boot.  “I have my twenty-two.  I’ll be perfectly safe.”

He eyed the silvery object doubtfully, unsure exactly what such a weapon did.  “You are not familiar with these woods and know neither the dangers they possess nor how swiftly they can come upon you.  I will not leave you alone.”

Her expression darkened with a mixture of frustration and dismay.

He loosed a heavy sigh.  “I am here to protect you, Beth, not ravish you.  Had the latter been my intention, I would have already done so.  I vow I have never taken a woman by force in my life.”

A flush mounted her cheeks.  

“I have already told you I will turn my back.  If ’twill make you feel better, then leave your undergarments on, though I assure you such is not necessary.”

A moment passed.  “Fine,” she grumbled, scooting off the rock and stepping onto the grassy bank.  “I guess it’s nothing you haven’t seen before anyway.  Just don’t take this as an invitation.”

“As you wish.”

Robert learned something new about her then.  When Bethany decided to place her trust in someone, she gave her full trust.

After placing her twenty-two on the ground a few feet from the water’s edge, she proceeded to disrobe without even asking him to give her his back.  She discarded her boots and odd, thick, ankle-high white hose first.  Then she parted her long-sleeved tunic down the middle and shrugged out of it.

He stepped forward and extended one hand.

A question in her gaze, Bethany handed him the jacket, he thought she called it.

“I thought to wash it for you whilst you bathe.”

Her eyes narrowed.  “Are you sure you’re real?”

“I do not understand.”

Shaking her head, she lowered her hands to the sides of her odd vest.  “You’re too good to be true, Robert.  First you say you would give your life to protect me.”  Rrrrip.  “Then you kneel in icy water and wash my hair.”  Rrrrip.  “And now you’re offering to wash my filthy clothes for me.”  RrrripRrrrip.  She lifted the vest over her head.  “No man is that nice.”  Tossing it aside, she reached for her belt.  A few nimble pulls and it joined her vest at her feet.

Robert stood rooted to the spot, his mouth dry, breath quickening, as she tucked her fingers beneath the hem of her tiny sleeveless tunic, then dragged it up and over her head.  

Heat seared him, racing through his veins and pooling in his groin.

Was that a bra?  Those two tiny scraps of sleek black fabric that cupped her full breasts the way his hands itched to, barely covering the pale pink crests and held in place by the thin black straps whose purpose had eluded him earlier?  More plump, pale flesh than he had anticipated rose above the edges, the shadowed valley between them drawing his hungry gaze.

Despite the fact that almost every inch of her skin was coated with dried blood, Robert found himself consumed with lust the likes of which he had not experienced in years.

“Mayhap I am not as honorable as you think I am,” he admitted hoarsely.

Unconcerned, she handed him the sleeveless tunic, then started unfastening the front of her breeches.

“Mayhap I only offered to wash your garments in hopes of distracting myself from”—his gaze returned to her breasts—“other things.”

Her eyes met his, then slid away.  “Oh.”  He thought her cheeks darkened a bit.  “Well, just pretend we’re at the beach and this is a bathing suit,” she mumbled, tucking her thumbs in the waistband of her breeches.

“You make a habit of walking along the shore garbed so— By the saints!” he practically bellowed.

Bethany jumped.  “What?”  Eyes wide with alarm, she scanned their surroundings.

Try though he might, Robert could not look away.  He knew he should, but he could not. Nor could he pick his jaw up from where it had landed on the ground.  All he could do was stand and stare and go up in flames.

Bethany’s breeches now lay bunched around her ankles, leaving her long, slender legs and almost everything else bare.  The only thing that shielded her… modesty… was a V-shaped piece of shiny black material that formed a triangle at the juncture of her thighs and narrowed to two thin strips that disappeared over her hips.


For a moment, he thought he would not succeed in dragging his gaze away.  

How those black scraps tempted him, beckoning him to abandon all honor and let his hands and mouth go exploring.

“Robert?  You’re starting to make me a little nervous.”

He imagined so, slavering over her the way he was, like a wolf wishing to dine on a ewe.  

“Not to mention self-conscious,” she added.

At last, he managed to close his mouth.  Clearing his throat, he tried to remember what he had been saying.  “You wander along the shores garbed so sparsely?”

She glanced down and stepped out of the breeches.  “Actually, no.  I sunburn too easily.  But I’ve seen women at the beach who wore less.”

“Less than that?” he asked incredulously.

Her brow crinkled slightly.  “Aye.  Lots of times.  Especially during spring break.”

He didn’t know what spring break was, but surely she jested.

“Are you all right?” she asked, eyeing him dubiously.

All right?  Nay, he was not all right.  He trembled with need.  He was on fire.  He was a breath away from losing both his control and his sanity.  And she seemed completely oblivious to the effect her near nudity had on him.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday—Rendezvous With Yesterday

Happy Friday!  I've been feeling under the weather all week.  Apparently I've caught whatever bug has been going around.  I'd like to send a big THANK YOU out to my Facebook friends for their well-wishes.  I know some of you are fighting off the latest cold/flu/whatever virus, too.  I hope you'll feel better soon.  And I hope the rest of you will stay heathy this cold and flu season.  

I'll share something with you that made my week brighter.  Caffeinated Book Reviewer gave the Rendezvous with Yesterday audiobook a stellar review.  I admit I've been eager to hear what Kimberly thought of it ever since I saw her mention she would be listening to it soon, so I'm thrilled to see that she enjoyed it.  And I always love to hear that I've made someone laugh.  πŸ˜Š

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  I'm so happy that readers are enjoying Robert and Bethany's banter and romance.  If you haven't read  Rendezvous with Yesterday yet, here's another quote from it to give you a glimpse of them together:
[Robert] circled the foot of his large bed and found two slender, trouser-clad legs poking out from beneath the blankets, heels up, toes down.  “What are you doing under there?” 
“Waiting for you.  Would you do me a favor?” 
“You have but to ask.” 
“Good.  Grab my ankles and give them a good yank, would you?  I’m stuck.” 
Laughing, he knelt beside her, curled his fingers around her ankles just above her small mannish boots and pulled her out from underneath the bed.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Friday, November 11, 2016

Favorite Quote Friday

Happy Friday!  I can't believe almost a month has passed since I released Rendezvous with Yesterday.  Time is really flying . . . so quickly that it feels like I just wrote my last weekly Friday post two days ago.  :-)  

As you know, Rendezvous with Yesterday released in audiobook on November 1st.  And, thanks to those of you who pre-ordered it or have purchased it since, it has hit two of Audible's Best Seller Lists.  Hitting bestseller lists is always exciting.  But hitting it alongside some of my all-time favorite authors is just awesome.  
Here is the fantastic company I have been keeping on Audible's Fantasy Romance Best Seller List.  Christine Feehan is actually one of the authors who made me love paranormal romance so much.  I've been reading her books for years.  So seeing my books alongside hers is a real treat.  And not only do I love Laurann Dohner's New Species series, I love to chat with the lady herself.  She's just the nicest person, and so much fun.  :-)  I'm eager to dive into this new series of hers as soon as I can finally find some reading (or more likely listening) time.  
Here is Rendezvous with Yesterday on Audible's Historical Romance Best Seller List.  Isn't that outstanding company to keep?  Both Julie Garwood and Mary Balogh are amongst my favorite historical romance authors.  So, again, seeing my book on lists alongside theirs is a real treat.  :-)

Reviews have also continued to roll in for Rendezvous with Yesterday on Amazon.  I admit I was a little surprised to discover that time travel romance isn't as popular a genre as it used to be.  (Time travel romance is one of my favorite genres.  I just love to see how characters react when they're taken out of their comfort zones and find themselves totally out of their element.)  So many of the 5-star reviews Robert and Bethany's story has received have begun with something along the lines of "I don't usually like time travel romance, but . . ." that I couldn't help but conclude that the genre isn't nearly as popular as paranormal romance or historical romance.  Which only makes me appreciate all the more the fantastic reviews some of you have generously taken the time to offer.  Thank you!!  Here are a few of my favorites from Amazon:

"Rendezvous with Yesterday is an endearing tale of love and family.  It has it all - excitement, tears, suspense, and a little paranormal thrown in.  I loved it and can't wait for more!"

“Loved this book so much! Time travel at it`s very best. Robert and Bethany are perfect in any century. Lovely to see Marcus, Seth and Roland !!”
—Cindy Foreman

“Keep them coming Dianne - YOU ROCK!!!!!”
—Sara G

“This was funny, poignant and a great read.”
—Tammy M.

"If you haven't already, you have to read all of Dianne Duvall's books!"
—Dragonfly Dreamer

"Not your typical time travel romance. It is so much better. Intriguing plot and interesting characters. I couldn't put this one down."

"I have been looking forward to this story since I started reading the Immortal Guardian series. Beth and Robert's story did not disappoint! Love it! Looking forward to more!"

"Great read! I have enjoyed all of this authors books. The story is wonderful and kept me turning pages. The characters as always were well developed and interesting. The plot was great with lots of twists. This is a great romance also."

"Loved it! It was so well written, and lol moments. Absolutely loved Robert and Bethany characters! Perfect! I'm picky on giving 5 stars, this is one of them."

Rendezvous with Yesterday has tempted quite a few new readers into trying my Immortal Guardians series.  (As have the current Immortal Guardians ebook sale prices.)  And the question I've been asked most in emails, messages, etc, is a variation of this question from Amy D: 

Q:  I recently found your Immortal Guardians series and have just finished Book 6.  I can't find any mention of when Book 7 will be released.  Will there be more books in the seres?  (Please, say yes!)

A:  Absolutely.  I am having far too much fun with these characters to stop writing their stories.  :-)  I'm working on Book 7, which will feature Aidan as hero, now.  Since I will be indie publishing all future books in the series, I won't have a release date until roughly three months prior to the book's release.  But I'm hoping to release it in Summer 2017.

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Since my good news all revolved around Rendezvous with Yesterday.  I thought I'd give you another quote from it today.  This one features Robert and Bethany (the hero and heroine) and Dillon and Alyssa (the hero and heroine of A Sorceress of His Own):
She looked up at Robert.  “You want to help me out here?” 
“Verily, she meant no insult, Alyssa,” he insisted.  “’Tis only that I told her of your gifts and . . . there are things in her past that she feared would shock you.”   
Beth stared up at him in dismay.  That sounded even worse than her ramblings had!  She slapped him on the arm.  “Robert!  Don’t say it like that!  You make it sound like I used to be a whore or something!” 
“Were you?” Dillon asked insolently. 
Beth glared at him.  “You know, you are not too old to spank.” 
Robert choked on a laugh.
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Friday, November 4, 2016

Trailer Reveal, Audiobook Release, and Winners Galore

Happy Friday!  This has been yet another exciting week.  If you don't follow me on social media (or if Facebook has been hiding my posts from you), then I have something fun to share with you:

Official Trailer

What do you think?  :-)  I finished it just it time for the audiobook's release!

That's right.  Rendezvous With Yesterday is now available in audiobook.  It released on November 2nd.  And—thanks to those of you who pre-ordered it or who have purchased it this week—it has hit Audible's Fantasy Romance and Historical Romance bestseller lists.  Woohoo!!  Thank you!  I hope you'll enjoy Robert and Bethany's story.  I plan to start listening to it myself this weekend.  :-)

Thank you again, everyone who joined me on my Rendezvous With Yesterday Blog Tour.  The winners of my tour-wide giveaway are . . .

1st Prize — $50 Amazon Gift Card
Stacy Maynard

2nd Prize — $20 Amazon Gift Card
Barbara Montag

3rd Prize — signed copies of Shadows Strike
and A Sorceress of His Own + swag
Jason Watson

Thank you, too, everyone who joined me and dozens of other authors for the Trick or Treat for Your Next Favorite Read Party.  The winners are . . .

A signed copy of A Sorceress of His Own + swag
Tera Comer

Katie Welks

Immortal Guardians and The Gifted Ones Swag Pack
Dakota Palmer

Perlent Rodriquez

Suzy Fren

And congratulations again to the winners of my most recent Facebook Giveaways:

$10 Amazon Gift Card
Kym Amaral

Immortal Guardians and The Gifted Ones Swag Packs
Lisa Ward

Immortal Guardians and The Gifted Ones Swag Packs
Lisa Helmick

Fantastic reviews continue to roll in for Rendezvous With Yesterday.  I'm so glad readers are enjoying Robert and Bethany's story!!  

Scandalicious Book Reviews gave it such a wonderful review that I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to quote from it.  :-)  The reviewer also had this to say:
“The writing is so spot on, the characters are beautifully relatable and larger story is so exceptionally compelling, I strongly urge all of you reading this to get swept away in Duvall’s world and words. In her Immortal Guardians series, she delivers first class paranormal stories with a different spin on vampires that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And the Gifted Ones series is nothing short of perfection itself. I can’t wait to see where she takes us next!”
You can read the full review HERE.

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It's time once more for Favorite Quote Friday!  Today I thought I would give Immortal Guardians and The Gifted Ones fans another glimpse of Marcus as a teenager in Rendezvous With Yesterday.
Robert reached out and ruffled the boy’s hair.  “Aye.  I trust you have been lazing the days away, toasting your feet before my fire, consuming every morsel Cook doesn’t keep under guard, and wooing every maid in the castle during my absence.” 
“Of course,” he admitted cheekily, engaging in a brief, mock-wrestle with his lord.  
His eyes fell upon Beth.  Filled with inquisitiveness, they roamed her from head to toe with far more knowledge of women sparkling in them than she thought he should possess at his age.  “And what have you been doing in your absence, my lord?” he asked, never removing his gaze from her.  His meaning could not have been more clear. 
Robert cuffed him on the side of his head.  “Insolent pup.  Hold your tongue.  I have brought an honored guest home with me and expect you to trot out all of those courtly manners I have gone to such lengths to drum into you these past years.  Lady Bethany, I present to you my faithful squire, Marcus, heir of Dunnenford.” 
Straightening his shoulders, Marcus took her hand, offered her a gallant bow, and pressed a light kiss to her knuckles.  “’Tis both a pleasure and an honor to meet you, my lady,” he pronounced gravely.  “I pray you will forgive my earlier impertinence.  I meant no disrespect and would in no way wish to injure the tender feelings of one so comely as yourself.” 
Beth looked up at Robert and fought back a smile.  “I see you’ve imbued him with some of your charm as well.” 
“Mayhap too much of it,” he commented dryly.

Have a wonderful weekend!